How to buy a gaming Desktop or Laptop for 2014

By posted on April 26, 2014 8:38PM
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The year 2014 is very crucial for gaming as this is the up next year after the launch of the big consoles like Xbox and PS4. This is the year where we are going to see the launch of big games. Anyway, consoles are there to make the life of gamer more easy and professional, but those of you who are not having a deep concern to the consoles can pick up a PC or Laptop for gaming. So, many of you guys are willing to know how to pick up an ideal gaming laptop or desktop for 2014 and beyond.


The answer is not simple. First of all there are two criteria based on budget. Everyone in this world is not having some deep pockets filled with green bucks. Some of you may or may not have that deep pocket with yourself. If you are willing to buy a high end laptop or desktop then go for anyone you are going to find the right match for 2014 gaming. Before buying, you should keep some things in mind. What are those? Let’s find out.

  • If you are spending a lot of money then spend it well.
  • Always select the laptops or desktops with good processors. For ex. Intel i5/i7.
  • An ideal gaming desktop or laptop should be having at least 6GB of RAM. If it’s more than this you are good to go.
  • The graphics card is the key to success when it comes to gaming. About 60% of the people fail to choose a graphics card. Many of you are going to own a laptop without knowing that you are buying a laptop having integrated graphics card, Always, go for the dedicated so that, after a few years you can upgrade your graphics card. The problem with the integrated ones is that you have to change the entire motherboard.
  • Always, pick up a NVIDIA or AMD manufactured graphics card.
  • It is a gaming laptop, so we are going to need a good display panel. Your ideal gaming laptop should be having either a 15-inch or 17-inch display.
  • Some of the companies which provide high end gaming PCs are Alienware, Falcon Northwest etc. These companies manufacture best gaming PCs but you can also go for the other companies like HP and Dell.


The people who come in the other criteria should select a gaming PC very carefully. If you want to select a desktop the do customize it according to your wish. The heart of any PC is it’s processor and thus, we think that you should have the latest version of the Intel i3 processor for playing the games of 2014.

The 2014 games are seriously big which need a fair amount of high-end processors along with good GPUs. Anyway, you can also select the laptops from HP to have a nice experience with 2014 games. The players should know the game requirements before buying the game and it should have the minimum requirements. This is a big year as in this eyar we are going to see the games like Watch Dogs, GTA V(for PC), Call of Duty Ghosts(2014), Order 1886 and many more.

The high end 3D of games of 2014 are on their way and if you want to play them you have to spent a lot of money and you have to pickup a nice laptop for playing the above mentioned games. Also, you should having a good SSD. These are days game are getting bigger and consumes a lot of space, so, you should have either a 750GB HDD(at least) or you can pick up a 1TB External HDD and it will solve your problems.


The additional things which you can buy for your laptops are cooling pads which are going to cool your PCs. If your PC gets too hot then your system will shut down automatically and your game will be stopped there, So, to get rid of this do own a cooling pad. In addition to these, always try to use head phones specifically those, which have the noise-cancellation option. Along with this if you know a little about your PC then you can surely overclock your memory and turn the things.

The people who are going to own a PC for 2014 gaming should keep all these things in mind, so that, your money doesn’t waste. You can also buy the gaming controllers for more enthusiasm. So, this is how you can buy a gaming PC for 2014. Also, keep in mind that you should never give up. So, play Games and Enjoy!

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