Good effects of playing video games on your health

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The world has been doing a lot out there, Apart from technology, politics and studies the youngsters show a keen interest in playing video games. Well, the children love two things during their childhood–Playing Games and Watching cartoons. It is the story of every kid and no one can change it. Anyway, how many of you think playing video-games is not a good thing? Well, we know addiction to everything is bad, so there are many positive effects of playing video games on your health too. Till now, most of you have read about bad effects of video games, but you must know the good effects too. 

Good Effects of Playing Video Games:

There are many good effects of playing video games on your health and some are mentioned below.

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 1. Improves Problem Solving and Brain Working:

The researchers have done a lot of exploring on the video games and they concluded that the video games are a necessary part of brain development in the childhood days. Well, in the games there are many problems and issues and thus, they require necessary treatment and thus, the players starts solving the problems and it improves their skills in our real life too.

The scientists did concluded a test last year. There more than 1000 children participated out of which 700 were found to be better in responding to the questions as their brains were sharp and also, they played video games on a regular basis. So, the rest 300 kids were slow and they have not played video games which made their brain slow. They also responded slowly. Thus, the video games are very necessary for brain development. In games, there are many levels and hurdles and the brain works very sharply at that point to find the answers.

2. Stress Buster:

The life is getting harder and harder these a days. It is not only happenings to the elders ones, but the children are also suffering from stress as they get a lot of homework from their schools and thus, there are many issues with their outdoor playing as many children responded to the tutoring system at a very early stage and thus, they can not play outdoor games.

The video games then come in handy as they are one of the best stress buster for the children as it let them enjoy and for a while the forget about the whole day studying and doing other stuffs. So, it removes stress from mind and it is a proven fact.

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3. Curiosity and Accuracy:

The elders always say that curiosity is the best way to gain knowledge. So, the video games develop this skill also. In the video games there are many secrets hidden. The children go for those secrets by reading the clues and they go hard for them as the game rewards them point for finding those secrets and thus, they become more curious.

Accuracy is one of the most needed thing in the regular life. In the first person shooter games, where you are running and also firing bullets at the same time you improve your accuracy and also, there are many other games where you use the external controllers for shooting and thus, it increases your accuracy.

4. Improves Social Skill:

The video games are also developing the social skills as well. How? If you ask, then the answer is the multi-player mode. Well, these a days there are many games which are having the multi-player modes and in this mode the children interact with an another person online and they ask them questions, do chat with them and also they fight with their friends to win thie game online. So, Facebook it is not necessary for the children to develop social skills.

5. Quick Thinking, Analyzing and Decision Making:

These three words mentioned above are really there in our day to day life. If you want to gain success then you should work on these skills and video games are helping you on them. Well, in the games you always need to be prepared for the new challenges and circumstances.

It also improves your decision making and shows you a way of life. In many games, like GTA IV you will be asked to leave or shoot a person and it totally depends on your decision. Games like Hitman and Call Of Duty lets the child analyze the situation. So, these are very important life factors which your children can learn from video games.

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6. Memory, Time Management, Anticipation and Concentration:

The video games lead to anticipation which is needed during childhood as you may have seen many adults who are slow and quite lazy and that is due to the less anticipation. The neurons also working well after playing the video games. In many games, you will learn about Time Management where you need to do everything according to time.

The video game also lead to an improvement in memorizing skills as it is very necessary to remember the whole plot of the game story to move ahead as many a times their is a connections between beginning and ending. Just like study, video games also need concentration for completion and you can not look around and your mind is completely focused.

7. Brings a Positive Attitude, Removes Frustration and Teaches Never Giving Up

The video games also need a positive attitude towards them as without the positive attitude you can not gain success. It also helps in removing the frustration as in the games you die many a times and thus, you learn the never giving up attitude which is a very important factor of life.

Mad MaxThese were some of the good effects of playing video games. We know that everything has a good and bad effect. So, the video games have, but it is the positive attitude which counts. Let you teach your child to thing about the video games as motivation and not addiction. Also, you should remember that excess of everything is bad.

If a child spends too much time on video games it is bad, and on the other hand if he/she spends too much time on study it is bad too. Many a times, parent force their child to study harder, it is good as in the early age we all were not familiar to the flesh eating world out there, but you should keep in mind that the kids must have some interest in study and do not force them regularly as it will make them stubborn in the early stage of their life.

The parents should also play games with their children as a child learn a lot from the older ones. So, the kids will think that their parents are much more friendly to them and they will surely start listening to you and will not argue you. So, do spend time with your child. So, that is all for now. Do keep these things in your mind and let you child live a healthy life while playing the video games.

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