Call of Duty Ghosts: Review

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Call of Duty one of the most popular game series of the world have excited us with an adventuring and thrill storyline for many of the years now and we do think that this game series will do the same for many of the years.It was one of the oldest military based games which came to an existence and became so much popular.Well, the company has launched many parts like the Modern warfare series, Black OPS and now, they are back with a new series, that they call–Call of Duty: Ghosts.Well, the trailer or the teaser of this game was released a few months ago, when the working was finally done on this game and at that moment of time we all were eagerly waiting for that game to come towards us and after that the company finally set the launch date which was set for November and was launched globally.


Call of Duty Ghosts has a good amount of system requirements the above figure shows the minimum system requirements, but the company recommend to have a Intel i5 based CPU, 4GB NVIDIA graphics card, Windows 8 64-bit, 8GB of RAM and 40GB of HDD space.Well, this is a very large game as it will cover 30GB of your hard disk space and the installation time is not very long as these a days the devices have been really fast.This game is available for PCs and Consoles like Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 etc. Call of Duty Ghosts is a really big game, just in terms of the disk space, the story line was not so long as we have seen in the MW series which were based on the incidents of history.


Call of Duty Ghosts is a new series and this game is developed by the folks over at Activision and Infinity Ward who have been in this game series from the MW series.In the last version which was the Black OPS II we have seen the game taking us to the future with an immense number of new logics, concepts which was fairly okay as we have seen such stuffs in the Crysis series as well.Frankly, we have seen the graphics of the Black OPS II which were fantastic, but not this time.We are not saying that it had poor graphics, but the level was not so high and also, you can not afford to play this game by making all the video options to the high level as you know your system requirements very well.The biggest disappointment will be for PC users having the dedicated graphics as if the requirements do not match the game is not going to run on your system.


[two_third]Call of Duty is a good series and till this date we have played each and every part of this game, so, we do know each corner of this game series based on military and defending the country from the bad folks or the old parts were based on the history elaborating America’s take on Germany etc.[/two_third]

“The Game Is Full Of New Things.Let us Explore!!


So, we have got the Call of Duty Ghosts installed on our PC less than 17 hours and we have completed the game within 7 hours and that was based on the recruit version and also, we are just talking about the campaign as well.We have played on a continuous basis and frankly our player died less than 10 times which was marvelous  and very first time for us in the history of COD series.


Call of Duty Ghosts title screen can be seen above in the image where you can see the player can select the Campaign, Multiplayer and Extinction options.The other two included the credits and the settings which you can do to make this game fulfill your requirements.The game story is surrounding three guys and one dog who have worked for the American Federation under military.


“Meet The Characters of Call of Duty Ghosts


The name of these three guys are Elias, Hesh and Logan.While the dog has been named as Riley.Well, Elias is the father of Hesh and Logan.You are Logan and this is your character who have lost their homes and also have lost many things which you will come to know about after playing the game.


Call Of Duty Ghosts is a new series, so the company tried to do something new and they introduced a dog named Riley.Well, Riley is a trained dog who can smell for the missing ones and even you can see the dog defending your life many times.Riley will also do stealth killing as well and also, will be a secret revealing agent as well.You will attach a thing with Riley’s back and you will see from the camera on the back side as well.So, it will help you to see enemy’s strategy as well.Riley will not be seen through out the entire game and a stage will come when you have to save Riley as hew was hit.


Call of Duty Ghosts have included the word ‘Ghosts’ which means the supernatural thing around the world or the things which exist, we may have heard of them, but are not to be seen by everybody.Similarly, in this case they are a special team of U.S. military where they are defending the country, but for once a time they start seeing the loss of their own men.


Main Story Behind COD:Ghosts


Who were behind these killings? The answer is Rorke who have been behind this killings and is the bad guy of this game.Rorke is after the extinction of Ghosts as it is related to Rorke’s past which we are not going to reveal in here.


The gaming experience was quite good, but not fantastic as we have said after playing Battlefield 3, GTA V etc. The storyline was good, but the company didn’t kept it to the point as there were numerous of turns as there will be the inclusion of the oil companies as well.Also, for the very first time in this game you are going to see the harm done on South America as well.There will be some parts of San Diego too.In this game there are a total number of 18 missions and at this moment we do know that you are thinking about the hardware which we have got on our PC.


Our PC is having 6GB RAM, 40GB+ HDD, Windows 8 64-bit, AMD Radeon 7670 Graphics card, Direct X 11 and also, internet as well.Well, in this game you are not going to see a huge number of new weapons as most of they were the old ones.


“What You Can Do On This Game–Weapons and Vehicles


In this game, you will be a new type of rifle which somewhere stands between the Sniper and the Assault One.Also, in Call of Duty Ghosts you are going to drive tanks, you are going to do diving, you will be flying helicopters as well.The new thing which we have seen was the killing under water or encounter in the space.Yes, you read it right the game is going to take you out of this planet as well.


If your PC is having those basic requirements like our’s then you should not worry as this game ran smoothly on our PC.What we have liked about this game is the good narration which is fantastic.Also, this game just like the previous times as you have o hide, you have to kill and you have to hack computers, take out files and much more.Riley is the new thing and using a dog for the military experience was quite good as well.


The new things which we have also noted in this game is the Thermal look.Well, the thermal look is the look which lets you see even in the dark smoke as it shows the people having energy and then you can kill them even in smoke.Night vision mode was also there at some point which can be seen in the image gallery as well.You have also to kill the people by sliding through the edge of the building and also, we have not gone much tensed while playing this game.There are four levels in which you can play this game–Recruit, Normal, Harden, Veteran.So, the veteran is for the perfect players who do not need the commands or suggestions as well.



“Meet The New Atmospheric Conditions


Call of Duty Ghosts can be easily ended by 12 hours which means half of a day if you play it one the continuous basis.In this game you are also going to meet new environment conditions or the atmospheric conditions like the conditions under water, the Jungle conditions as well.Here in this game you will see the Parachutes as well.

At the start of this game there will no training at all which means that you should have a little practice on your mouse.The graphics of this game is good, but we have also to see the requirements as well.The game ran smoothly on our PC and we played by selecting the graphics at the Normal mode.We have also played a little on the Extreme mode, but the game ran a little slow with a few interruptions, thus changing our mind.


Call of Duty Ghosts is just like a military team, but the key thing is that your faces are not shown.You wear a mask or we can say the you are the masked warriors and the developers have taken a very old concept of history.As, in past we have seen many warriors and even spartan hiding their face which is their identity.The story is just a bid odd as there father was in military they(Hesh and Logan) thought, but later on they found him in the Ghosts team and they were also included in that same team as well.


Call of Duty Ghosts gives some good thrilling moments, but it was not so good as we have thought.Well, in this you will also be seeing an encounter done on the running train.So, there are many things which you can see in this game as well.That was all about the campaign part, but if you like to play the Multi-Player mode then you can chose it a well, but the condition is that you should have a strong internet connection too.


“A Little To Know About Multi-Player Mode


The Multi-player give no hope of life as in it you are going to get to select he commando according to your choice and you will be given 100 of options, but in the main game you will be disrupted with the bad things.So, the Multi-player part was not too good.There is an extinction part as well in which you have to fight the creature from outside and there are some graphic things to do with the consoles as well.What we have heard that you can play it in 720p HD mode in PS3, while full 1080p Full HD mode in the PS4.



“Call Of Duty Ghosts Has Not Ended Yet!!


The game is bounded around the ending of the Ghosts and at the end how they have saved them from the evil man.What we liked the most is the end of the game, where we have thought–“THE GAME IS FINALLY OVER”, but we were wrong the game has just started yet, and with the ending it has been confirmed that there will be a next version of the Call of Duty Ghosts 2 as well.So, we will also be waiting for thing and we think that the developers should try to make this game more polished so that the next time we can say it fantastic one.This game is available all over the world and we think that you should atleast give it a shot for once.


So, for more images you can check out the Image Gallery below and also your ratings will help us to judge your mind along with our’s about this game.So, do provide your ratings and do comment if you have any questions regarding this game in your mind.So, be sure to be stay tuned as in future we are do more game reviews as well.

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