5 reasons Why Activision needs to rethink about Call Of Duty

By posted on April 21, 2014 9:46PM

Call of Duty, popularly know as CoD is among the longest running Video game series which was started back in 2003. CoD is being published by Activision. We have played all the parts and have gone from easy level to the Veteran mode. But with Activision just publishing the game and have made some rule like new game each year from this series. But by Time CoD has somewhere lost its touch and below are the 5 reasons why CoD is calling for Action and why Activision should rethink on it.
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[icons icon=”icon-search” color=”#dd3333″ size=”37″]Story is Missing


For a game, the main thing is the story. When CoD was launched back in 2003, it focused on the World War Stories and then a time call_of_duty_trollcame when it changed its route towards the American Army which was situated in Afghanistan back at that time. And now, what CoD is based on is the future Warfare’s. But, the story is not there in the recent games. We can see that CoD 1 and CoD 2 were having a great story and then came  the Modern Warfare which grounded a lot of flags in the gaming story. Gamer like us were so excited for the Modern Warfare series and then in 2012, Modern Warfare 3 was launched and it completely changed the thought process.

Since before that the games were going good but it was one of the shortest game ever played by anyone. However, the game was sold like Hotcakes and after playing it players were disappointed. And since then the Story is not working for CoD and it looks like that they are repeating those old stories which they had and they just change the locations and characters and a bit design.

Story is the basic foundation on the basis of which a game is developed.

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[icons icon=”icon-users” color=”#dd3333″ size=”37″]Lost our Hero !



Earlier, the players can feel the character within themselves but now what has happened is that the Hero being created is just a Junior. And with time, the character went to be an anonymous whose hand can be seen only and who just have to run after the commands and group of folks who just have landed in some country to save/fight against them. Complete focus is kept just on the people running ahead us and the player just have to run behind them and kill the enemies. But, the focus is so much that Players can’t take a look that what is happening else in the game and hence miss some awesome graphics and moments.

With the Follow Based method, the Hero Lost it souls and if Activision wants then they can allow the Hero to regain it.

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[icons icon=”icon-recent” color=”#dd3333″ size=”37″]Mission Hours Reduced



With the increase in graphics, we can see that the play time has reduced drastically. Not only that, if you start playing MW3 again after reading this opinion piece; then it will take you 4-5 hours to complete this game. And if you take a look at the games which were launched prior to it were awesome and mission hours were long and more detailing was provided to the player about the mission.

Now CoD mission hours are reduced so much that it takes a single day to complete the game at Veteran Level. But, if still Activision thinks that the current mission hours are right then the CoD existence time will come closer. Since, a lot of players have stopped playing this game and they say that it is quite boring and Activision is repeating the same concept in CoD.

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[icons icon=”icon-cog-alt” color=”#dd3333″ size=”37″]Graphics, Graphics & Graphics!


Graphics are another big thing for games and we do like those game which have higher graphics and more detailing. But, in the whole process, they have over done it. They have focused so much on graphics that they forget to focus on other stuffs that are mentioned above. Like Call of Duty Ghosts had a huge system requirements and some users with low specs are not satisfied with the gaming experience.



Adding more and more Graphics will just increase the game size and requirements and will not do anything good for players. Since the graphics at current level are really awesome, but due to that much Graphics the size of the game is increasing and they have to keep the size under control and hence the missions are reduced.

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[icons icon=”icon-lock” color=”#dd3333″ size=”37″]Concept Went Wrong?


Call-of-Duty_1Old COD’s stories of brave noble warriors slaughtering hundreds of Germans borrowed far more from Hollywood depictions of wartime glory than from grim reality. It may have been handled with a touch more subtlety, but the main difference between “oh man, WWII was great and I wish I’d been there” and “oh man, modern warfare is great and I’m glad we have all these soldiers nowadays” is temporal in nature.

So, if they don’t bring some changes to the Modern Warfare tactics then it will surely blow them away from the competition.

Games like Battlefield 4 has really went ahead of CoD and people are leaning towards it. However, fanbase of CoD is huge and Activision should respect and follow and listen to the screams that are coming from the Gaming World.

In 2014, we can see another Call of Duty game and we really hope that this time it will not disappoint anyone of us and Activision will shock everyone with their concepts, Graphics and features.

[signoff icon=”icon-pin”]This is just a Opinion Piece and should be taken in a positive way. All the information in this post are based on personal experience and what other players think about it.[/signoff]

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