5 Best laptops under Rs 40000(January 2015)

The laptop market is witnessing a good amount of competition as there are many laptops in a fixed price range,

5 Best laptops

5 Best Laptops under Rs 30000(January 2015)

The laptop world is getting cozy day by day and in a fixed price range, there are so many laptops

Best 5 laptops

Best 5 Windows 8.1 Laptops under Rs 20000(January 2015)

The Laptop world is growing with a vast speed and these a days, consumers are looking for best things at low prices.

HP Pavilion Mini

Meet HP Stream Mini & Pavilion Mini, the ChromeOS killer

At CES 2015 lot of tech madness is going on and it looks like that it will continue for sure.

HP Sprout

HP Sprout launched for $1,900, shows the future

We know that everything is going to be digitized in the future and will be touch friendly but the day

HP Envy TouchSmart Ultrabook 4 Review

A few years ago, we have seen the laptops having a heavy weight along with low ram and a few