What is Net Neutrality, how it’s a threat to Free Internet of India?

By posted on April 14, 2015 8:50PM
Net Neutrality India

The Internet has became the second hobby of most of the people across the world. The Internet was established for the good of the people. Today, Internet provides us the latest update regarding the Technology, Smartphones, Tablets, Auto Mobiles, SEO, Bank Policies, Hollywood, Bollywood, Songs, Wars, Patents, Price and if Internet can cover all these fields at a time, then how it can leave the Net Neutrality. These a days, most of you may have heard about the Net Neutrality. If you have not heard yet, then know now as it is very important to know about Net Neutrality.

What is Net Neutrality?

The Net Neutrality is just the opposite or antonym of freedom. In 2003, Net Neutrality came to existence as the Media Law Professor of Columbia University invented this term. So, what actually is net neutrality? Well, we will explain it in a bit. When Internet was born, there were no rules and regulations that how to use it and what can it lead to, but today, it lead to many useful things and many big companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and more. With the help of Internet, people became aware of the future and it helped a lot of people.

The Internet is provided by the Internet Service Provider(ISP) and it can be any company. Also, it is also termed as MISP. Without the ISPs no one can access internet. Well, to understand net neutrality we are taking an example. Suppose, you own a Dish TV and let’s say ‘X’ is your favorite channel and you don’t event watch ‘Y’. So, in that case you will always stick with the channel ‘X’. So, one day the channel provides better money to the channel operator to make the users watch ‘Y’ and this will let the ‘X’ channel down or unclear.

This is Net Neutrality. The Net Neutrality allows the user to access the internet at free of cost(apart from paying the monthly bills) and according to their way. There is no restriction, but with the threat to net neutrality, the consumers will have to pay for different applications and different websites.

The companies like Airtel and VodaFone are constantly talking about Net neutrality as they are facing losses of cables, ports and manythings. So, how the things will change without net Neutrality?

Internet without Net Neutrality:

There is internet freedom right now, but without net neutrality the Internet Service Providers will completely gain the power and this will lead to a huge massacre. Suppose, there is a ISP ‘A’ which provides service to Facebook and Twitter then, it will charge for the other applications and other websites. So, with out net neutrality the users will have to pay for each new service. It can also happen that the domestic websites are kept free and the visits to International Websites become chargeable.

The people can not even image what’s going to happen if there is no net neutrality. Today, Flipkart said that they are in support of the Net Neutrality and they are not with Airtel’s Zero plan offer. So, the internet without Net Neutrality is not going to look the same as we are seeing it right now. Also, the ISPs are also saying that there will should be an entirely different frequency bandwidth for the video streaming websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

This will lead to the degradation in tech innovation as according to this, the companies paying more will get more opening up speed, and Google can pay that for high speed as they are earning a lot. But, the new innovators cannot and if this goes, there will be no new innovation.

What is the current status of Net Neutrality in India?

The Indian Government has blocked a few websites in the last few years, but they never supported Net Neutrality. So, it is TRAI and other Telecom companies who are looking to change the things. At this moment, on legal base Net Neutrality is not there, but TRAI is inviting the stake holders to comment to Net Neutrality, but at this moment ISPs of India adhere the net neutrality.

What can we do?

The users of Internet are just like the stake holders. The users can share their view about net neutrality at TRAI’s official website and can also email them using different websites and searching in Google will surely help you a lot.

The Bottom Line: Net Neutrality & Future

The Net Neutrality is currently under threat in India and if this goes, then the future is dark as the users of India will have to pay more money to get the services. Some providers will make Facebook free and some will make WhatsApp but for the usage of other apps and internet you will have to pay more money. Will Net Neutrality Survive? The Net Neutrality is there for more than 30 years and it is just like decency as there is no negotiation or comments, but the service providers want to gain power so that they can form new norms and earn more money. So, the internet should be open for all as it can provide a lot of information and can even save someone’s life.

This is all for now, do stay tuned as this is kind of a war and we will update you when there’s some noise in the jungle.

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