Simple approach to buy a Smartphone

By posted on April 21, 2014 8:55PM

Buying a smartphone these days is one the most difficult decisions that you have to make. Most of us are confused within the tangle of our need and desire. For buying the right smartphone you have to somewhere bridge the gap between your needs and desires. The smartphone you will be buying will be one the most important and most used gadgets for at least a year or few, so picking up the right one is very important. In this article we will guide you through the basic points that you must keep in mind while buying.

[alert size=”alert-block”][icons icon=”icon-users” color=”#1e73be” size=”40″]Find your requirements[/alert]

requirement-list Different people might have different requirements it completely depends upon users view. Say, if you are a student you will look forward to a smartphone that provides entertainment , rough handling and social connectivity or if you are in corporate world you will like to have a smartphone whose battery backup is enough to last a day, providing all essential work related apps and connectivity. So, take your time and figure out what are your actual requirements. This will help you to shortlist the must have features on the smartphone you are going to buy. After all what’s the use of buying a smartphone if it doesn’t perform the daily requirements of yours.

[alert size=”alert-block”][icons icon=”icon-users” color=”#1e73be” size=”40″]Choose your Operating System[/alert]


Operating system is one the leading factors that you have to choose while buying as you will be operating and working with that UI most of the time. An operating system should be robust, attractive and most importantly easily operated by you. Currently the three market leaders in the smartphone’s OS are:

[lists style=”check”]

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone



[icons icon=”icon-cog-alt” color=”#1e73be” size=”36″]iOS

To describe iOS it is simple and elegant yet powerful. The OS is not as complex as Android and is very efficient. The biggest advantage of iOS is its App Store, where you would find the best and newest apps for your smartphone and be ensured that the app is secured due to Apple’s strict policy. The OS updates are rolled fastest as compared to any other OS. The battery efficiency is quite decent due its OS.Coming to its negative points, you won’t find the UI to very customizable and also the simplicity sometimes could make you feel like bored of the OS. Also, for smartphones the biggest screen size running iOS is 4″, so you do not have much option for screen size.

[icons icon=”icon-cog-alt” color=”#1e73be” size=”36″]Android

Out of the above mentioned OS Android is the only open source OS and being an open source has its own advantages. Lots of customizing options available for this OS. The customizing option is not only limited to changing wallpapers or arranging the apps but personalize the whole UI in the way you want. Also lots of apps are available in the Play store,you will find almost every app but the Play Store is not as refined Apple’s App Store but lots of improvement has been made. The biggest advantage that you get are the google services that comes with Android like Google Maps, Gmail, Google+, Google Drive and more. Android OS is available on smartphones whose screen size range varies from 3″ -5.7″ and more, so you got lot of options if you want a big screen go for big and if small go small one. Now coming to negative points, battery life has been a huge issue for this OS, though now smartphones do come with huge batteries that give good battery life but it does make them bulky. The updates of the OS take a lot of time to roll out as different smartphone vendors customize the OS with their own UI and also testing the stability of the OS on network takes time.

[icons icon=”icon-cog-alt” color=”#1e73be” size=”36″]Windows Phone

Windows Phone OS is newest of the three mentioned. Well if you like the metro look of yout Windows 8 OS on your computer then you will like look of Windows Phone OS too. Nokia provides  the best Windows Phone OS you could probably have and specially providing the best camera you could have in smartphone.The response time of this OS is great but lacks in customization options. The battery life is said to good for smartphones with this OS. Also not as many apps as iOS or Android are available on its app store, the apps for this OS takes time to come while the above OS enjoy latest releases months before.

[alert size=”alert-block”][icons icon=”icon-users” color=”#1e73be” size=”40″]Hardware[/alert]

hardware-choice This will be the final step in selecting the right smartphone for you. If you are going for a high end smartphone then in hardware you will find pretty same configuration in most smartphones but the mid and low smartphones however could have a significant difference in hardware specifications. If you have selected iOS then you got easy picking up to do, only one vendor.You will get a 4″ retina display in all models with a beautiful design. The iPhone 5S will be the high-end offering which has a 64-bit processor, improved camera, fingerprint scanner and if you go for cheaper option you can go for iPhone 5C which actually is not that cheap in price but you will get lot of color options. Those who have selected Android have got a lot of options for vendors and also in specifications. You will get smartphone for every budget. There are lot of screen size options but we will advise you to select the size that fits in your hand, however if you want to go for bigger ones no problem with that it totally depends upon your comfortability.  Samsung the market leader provides one of the best smartphones with Android OS while HTC provides one of the best designs and Sony for camera experience. Look out for vendors like Micromax, Karbonn, Gionee who provide feature packed smartphones at low cost. If you have gone for Windows Phone OS then Nokia provides the best smartphones for this OS. Nokia has been known its reliability and camera. The best camera technology comes in Nokia smartphones. Screen size options are available for this too. Apart from Nokia, HTC too provides Windows Phone OS.

[alert size=”alert-block”][icons icon=”icon-users” color=”#1e73be” size=”40″]Decide your budget[/alert]


Look deep in your pockets how much could you afford to spend on your smartphone depending upon your economic condition. If budget was not the problem then probably every one would be buying an iPhone or any other high end smartphones. Once you decide, you must try to keep yourself to your budget only and also do keep buffer amount in case if paying a little more will prove beneficial than the amount spent.

[blockquote]Verdict: Just keep in mind that your priority shouldn’t be to buy a smartphone that has maximum features but to buy a one that has features that are essential and does your work efficiently and smoothly. Ensure full satisfaction with the smartphone that you are going to buy and do not compromise with your requirements.[/blockquote]

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