Should I buy Apple iPhone 5C or Apple iPhone 5S in India?

By posted on April 21, 2014 8:02PM

Apple has launched the 5s and the Apple iPhone 5C in an event which was held on September, 10th.Well, everyone was happy about the launch of both these devices, but the launch of Apple iPhone 5C was specially admired as the company has already revealed that this device is going to be cheaper and we also thought that it would be priced near about Rs 24,000.The irony has appeared today.Yesterday, Indian carriers RCom and Airtel have announced that they are going to make the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C officially available in India on November, 1st.So, that was okay, but today the official prices of these devices have been revealed and many of the consumers got shocked due to the high prices. Apple iPhone 5C which is said to be the cheaper one is priced at Rs 41,500 and now only that this is the price of the initial model of this family, which is the 16GB storage models.The 64GB model is priced at Rs 51,500.On the other hand, same is the case with the iPhone 5S which is has got the beginner’s price of Rs. 51,500 and the max hits the Rs. 70,000 line which is for the 64GB storage model.These are the basic prices for Indian consumers and there will be no variation for these two different consumers and now, a question arises in every Indian consumer’s mind–Should I buy Apple iPhone 5S/Apple iPhone 5C(According to your choice) or not?

Should I Buy Apple iPhone 5C or Apple iPhone 5C in India or not?

Apple is always famous due to it’s quality which is always appreciated by the consumers, but  the price is an another fact.If you are providing the quality then you should also be careful about the price, as it should not be so high that a consumer having an okay budget can not afford it.In the past year, the Cupertino tech giant felt the heat as they believed that they have not released any cheap product for the people residing outside the developed countries where the option of Contract based selling devices are not provided.So, in India we are never going to see the phones up for sale on contracts.So, we have to pay the unlocked price of the device but Rs. 41,000+ amount spending on an iPhone is not a good idea and we believe that most of you guys would be dying to buy the new iPhones, but you are bounded with your budgets. If we compare both these products to the other devices like Samsung Galaxy S4 which is currently available in the country at a price of Rs 36,000 is quite better than the Apple iPhone 5C.The Korean giant’s product features a bigger screen, a better processor along with better RAM.Also, there is a better camera present on the Galaxy S4 and the device is not made of plastic.While, on the other hand the iPhone 5C is made of plastic and still the price is higher than that of Galaxy S4.We are not saying that the Cheaper iPhone is a bad product, we are saying it’s good, but not according to the price.


Apple iPhone 5S when compared to the new phones like Samsung Galaxy Note III and others give nearly the same result, but the iPhone has the new finger print scanner, but it not provide features like Air Play, Air Drop, Eye Scanner etc. which are present on the Samsung phones.There are many good phones as compared to the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C which are providing good features as well.If we take Micromax, Karbonn or any other company for instance as these are the Indian based companies we are seeing these companies selling the best phones at a mid-range budget which suits most of the Indian consumers.We also know that there is an extra price the Indian Government has to pay in importing, but still that should not have raised the amount of the these two new phones to that level.The price of cheaper iPhone show no signs of being cheap and it is an insult to that word as well. These a days, we are also seeing the companies providing EMI schemes on their phones, but still once, you have you have got a tension on your mind until you completely payback.So, that’s a good one for the people earning a good amount, but bad for the other people.We all are humans and we eye at the best product, but we all know that whether this thing is within my grasp or not, but still which we expect should not be taken away which is the main thing.Also, on the other hand if you are smart then you will know that after six or seven months the company is going to launch a new handset and you will felt betrayed as every time the new product comes with a better feature and the prices are nearly same.So, what we prefer is that you should o for the Apple iPhone 5S, but not for the Apple iPhone 5C as if you can spend Rs. 41,500 for the new device then you can also pay 10k more to buy the premium device as it will add more support and value to it. Apple iPhone 5C and Apple iPhone 5S both are going to be launched in India on November, 1st and you have got a few weeks to decide.So, make up your mind and device.Hope that we have helped you, and if you have any queries or thoughts just put them in the comment box below, so that we can answer to it. [signoff icon=”icon-commented”]This article is neither in favor nor in against of Apple.It is just the basic thought from editor’s desk regarding the high prices of these devices.[/signoff]

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