Online Shopping In India: A Boon Or Bane?

By posted on April 21, 2014 8:13PM

This is not the very first time that we are going to talk about the online shopping. We already did last year and we will do in next year as well after keeping the improvements and hazards in mind.  Online Shopping in India has gone very famous and these a days mostly people are buying products online revealed by an online survey done in India. It is actually very simple, if you have internet then you can do online shopping. There are many schemes on online shopping and most of the people do online shopping to get the maximum comfort by allowing to shop themselves from their home. Also, each time you shop anything you need no where to go. The product is dispatched to your home always. Time is an another factor to keep in mind, but most of the people do cash on delivery for more security, that is the fact if you are shopping online for the very first time. There are many online shopping retailers in India like Flikart, YepMe, Myntra, Lensskart, Snapdeal, HomeShop18, Naaptol, eBay,Junglee, Healthkart and many more. Well, Letsbuy was also there, but it was acquired by Flipkart to bring the most out of it. A few years back, Flipkart was the only king in the online shopping jungle, but now it has got competitors like YepMe and many more as they are also doing well. But at the end of the day the results for the retailers in the world are coming not in their favor as their products are not selling and thus, they are facing severe loss. This is very simple to calculate as well. There are millions of shops over there and billions of people used to shop from there, but now there are billions of people shopping from online shopping retailers which are owned by a few people. It is also sure that there are many hardworkers behind them, but still they are not helping the market sellers. So, if you are reading this article and are going to do online shopping then do it as Indian Government has to think about this. Apart from these things, there is are some questions which comes in the mind of a person doing shopping online for the first time. These questions are mentioned below.

  1. Are these services real?
  2. Will I be able to do exchange?
  3. What if my product turn out bad?
  4. Will the product reach to me in time?
  5. After paying the money online, will I get the product?
  6. Will the product last long?

These are some of the questions which come in the mind of a person doing shopping online for the very first time. Well, we are sure that you have already done a good research on this and will have found a mixed result, but here we are going to reveal the truth. The services over at the online retailers are real. You also need to keep this in mind that there are thousands of shopkeepers till this date who fool their customers by showing a product and selling an another one. Many shopkeepers do give bill to save the tax. So, in that terms online shopping is good as each time you own something you are going to get the bill. If you got a faulty piece then you can surely exchange with the good ones. Many of the people used to say that you are not going to get the exchanged products and you may have heard about many stories, but those are nothing but pure baloney.

shopping online

If your product turn out bad then you can exchange it. You have to email them under complaints section and you can do the customer care as well. There can be many times that they did not pick up the phone, that’s only if you are an unlucky one. Otherwise, they do pick the calls and also answer to the customer questions. They will tell you to dispatch the old product and will surely exchange it. Well, most of the times we have seen that the online shopping retailers not delivering the product in time. There can be a delay of two-three days, but that is okay as it totally depends on the product’s availability and it also depends on the courier service as well. Still, the companies provide you a tracking code. Also, you should keep in mind that you are not the single customer who has shopped online, there are thousands of them each day ordering for variety of stuffs. Online shopping is really worth, if you discard many fake stories. If you have heard about a courier boy not talking well to the customers than it is not the fault of that online shopping store. Also, you can buy variety of products online like Phone, Tablet, Accessories, Footwears, T-Shirts, Home Appliance stuffs and much more. Most of the things are available online these a days. There is an another thing which users ask,”Will I get the product after paying the money online?” Well, the answer is yes. You can surely track your order with the tracking code and about 90% of times you will get you product after a day or two, but if you are not getting it. Firstly, file a complaint to that retailer. They will solve it. If they ignore which they mainly do not do you can go to the consumer court as well. This is your right and you need to use that right if something goes wrong with you. There is no risk paying online and also, the prices lower down a bit as compared to the cash on delivery schemes. Anyway, choice is yours. The question about the longevity of any product depends on your use. If you have maintained it properly then surely it will last long. Yes, if it is a faulty one then you can exchange it by raising your voice, but if not try to maintain them and your product will last long. The online shopping is actually fun as you get your product just at your doorstep and you have vast options. you can select both branded and non-branded products as well. So, we think that 75% people have done online shopping successfully and 25% were the one’s facing problems and most of them got their problem solved. Overall, online shopping in India is quite fun and if you have any discomforts regarding them then let it go as you have got the rights. So, do shopping as you want and stay happy according to your choice. [signoff icon=”icon-pin”]We have concluded the result after applying them in the personal basis. We have done online shopping ourselves many a times from many other retailers to reach this result.[/signoff]

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