How to use a dead smartphone: A Quick Guide

By posted on April 19, 2015 9:30PM
How to use a dead phone

The cell phones were introduced in 90’s and from then, consumers residing across the world have seen a lot of phones. Firstly, there were cell phones with antennas(some were large and some were small), then the smartphones arrived which were used to help the consumers a lot. Innovation brought to us a new world, where everything is possible now. The smartphones were defined as the phones which were able to run on a special operating system(Android, iOS, Symbian, Meego & Windows), which will allows the users to feel that they are interacting lively with the device.

Most of the people have bought cell phones, but they have used it for a few years. But what happened to that old smartphone? There are three possible cases:

  1. The users have sold it to an another user at low price.
  2. The user gave away the phone for recycling.
  3. The users have kept the phone with themselves, but they were not using it. They are using an another smartphone which is better than their old phone.

In these three cases, if you are one of number 1 case, then it is good. If you are someone who lie in the second case is an environmentalist. But if you are in the third case then, this post is for you. In this post, you will learn to use the smartphone again(Not in the way you have used it, but in a different way).

How to use your old smartphone?

A smartphone is mainly comprised of 11 things:

  • Screen
  • Sensors
  • Cameras
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • ROM
  • Inbuilt frequency receivers
  • Battery
  • Recorders
  • Speakers
  • Buttons

The smartphone is called dead when there is some malfunction which leads to the failure of processor or some internal part which is either not replaceable or not available. A smartphone is also called dead, if you are using an another phone and the old phone is kept idle. So, instead of providing it rust use it. How? Let’s see.

  1. Screen: The screens of the smartphone are quite good. If you are also having a 5 year old smartphone screen it doesn’t matter. You can use the screen really well, if you are interested in Embedded System(Combination of hardware and software). Most of the Embedded students would have seen the kits with a screen, which looks identical to old Nokia like screens. If you are creative, then you can use that smartphone screen for learning Embedded systems. With that screen, you can connect any processor as it is a LCD and if know micro controller programming then, you can develop and play new games on it. You can use the screen for showing the password in a door lock system. So, actually it is a LCD and you can use it very well.
  2. Sensors: As the name says, a sensor is used for sensing. There are proximity sensors present in the smartphone which are used to blank the screen when any contact(physical or in air) is made during the calls. Also, Galaxy S4 came with Air swapping sensors and now, these a days we can see fingerprint scanners, light sensor as well. If you can takeout the fingerprint scanner then, it can be used in door locking system. The sensors are always useful, so give them their value.
  3. Cameras: A camera is actually comprised of sensors. Many of you may have heard of the Sony BSI sensors used in cameras. So, the cameras can be used to make a WebCam. For security purpose, you can use it for making CCTV and also, it can be used for spying too.
  4. Processor: If the processor is fine then it can help you a lot if you are an electronics student. Being an electronics student you can program it again if you know embedded programming as most of the smartphones are using ARM’s Cortex processors.
  5. RAM, ROM and Inbuilt RF receivers: These parts cannot be used even if they are okay as these a days, smartphone companies use ASIC technology which includes all internal circuitry and parts combined within it. So, it is not possible to use these parts again.
  6. Battery: The Battery of the smartphone can be used in many areas. You can use it for charging many things if you are having a good knowledge about batteries and chemicals.
  7. Speakers, Recorders & Buttons: The speakers and the recorders can be used again if you already have worked with the MP3 players or Radios. The Buttons are just used for pushing you can replace some non-working buttons of other matched gadgets with the working buttons.

This is how you can use your dead smartphone. The technology is never going to end and the Google Project Ara is coming this year. This is a very important project. It is a smartphone base with slots and in each slot, you can use the parts mentioned above. So, at this moment, we do not know whether it will be a successful project or not. For now, just go ahead and play with your dead smartphone to create something and make the most out of it because if you will try, only then you will achieve something.

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