How to Make your Android Smartphones Last longer?

By posted on April 21, 2014 8:09PM

Smartphones revolutionized the mobile industry, user experience and expanded the viewpoint of people regarding the usability of mobiles. The benefits of the smartphones are limited by a major problem that is the battery life. With so much power under the hood and additional features, it has become quite difficult to manage your smartphone running whole day with full usage. There are two possible solutions to this problem that is either to make your smartphone’s battery bigger but it will make your smartphone bulky and thicker or adopt the other way that is to adopt energy saving methods that can almost double up your battery life and performance.

[alert size=”alert-block”]First of all we should know what basically drains our battery fast:[/alert]

[lists style=”attention”]

  • Brightness of your screen
  • Mobile Internet and Connectivity features like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi
  • Minimized or running background apps
  • Syncing continuously and notifications
  • Operating your smartphone in hot condition


[alert size=”alert-block”]Here are few tips and tricks that you can incorporate to save your battery life:[/alert]

[icons icon=”icon-cog-alt” color=”#1e73be” size=”40″]Turnoff Autosync and limiting your syncing interval

Autosync effects your battery life greatly, what it does is that it syncs various accounts you have set up like google, facebook , twitter on your phone at specified intervals. Most apps also sync data like email or facebook messenger. You can either turn off the sync feature or delay the intervals after which it should be synced.


[icons icon=”icon-cog-alt” color=”#1e73be” size=”40″]Turnoff your Mobile data, WiFi and other connectivity options when not in use

Turning of mobile data, WiFi, GPS and other such options is definitely a good option when you are not using it. Lets say your mobile data is on or WiFi is connected then your apps that you use for chat or email constantly are syncing the data. It is always best that you turn these on when required.


 [icons icon=”icon-cog-alt” color=”#1e73be” size=”40″]Use Power saving mode or battery saving apps


Power saving mode gives you options to save a lot of power. Power saving basically does things like it uses low power level for screen, limits the maximum performance of CPU,changing background color in internet to save power, turns off haptic feedback if that feature and you always have the option of selecting whether you want to turn off or on the mentioned features.   You can use one these apps available in Play Store to monitor your battery usage and limiting the power consumption of your smartphone. The apps are: [lists style=”check”]

  • Juice defender
  • DU battery Saver
  • Battery Widget Reborn
  • Battery Doctor
  • Easy battery Saver


[icons icon=”icon-cog-alt” color=”#1e73be” size=”40″]Close the apps instead of minimizing

A lot of memory and processing power is consumed when you minimize an app and which in turn puts a load on your battery and it drains quickly. So, make it a habit to close the apps instead of minimizing.

[icons icon=”icon-cog-alt” color=”#1e73be” size=”40″]Turning off haptic feedback


when you are typing a message on the smartphone then you get small and light vibrations while typing, these vibrations are referred as haptics. Well this not really a necessary feature that you require in your daily usage, though it does feel good if you get a response while you do something. But keeping keeping it off is really helpful in saving some juice of smartphone.

 [icons icon=”icon-cog-alt” color=”#1e73be” size=”40″]Keep your smartphone cool

Smartphones batteries work best in cooler conditions, keeping your smartphone cool by ensuring that device is operated or kept in cooler environment. [signoff icon=”icon-pin”]Following all the points are not necessary in order to save your smartphones battery life. Follow only those points that suits you best according to your usage.[/signoff]

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