How to maintain and take good care of your laptop

By posted on April 29, 2014 8:31PM

Hp Envy M6 display When the word ‘Gadgets’ come in our mind firstly we all think about a smartphone as it has became one of the biggest priority of human-beings. After, cell phone from the gadget world we think Laptop has became our second priority, leaving PC far being because Laptops are portable and you can carry them around easily. Just fold your laptop, put it in your bag, and you are good to go. Also, these a days tend have changed. People prefer laptops more than the PC today. There are many people out there who have owned laptop and has wasted it. How? They do not know about the laptop maintenance. Is it important? Yes! It is, without it your laptop’s life will be reduced.

How To Maintain A Laptop: Applicable To All

It is very easy to own a laptop, but maintaining it is an another task. So, today we are going to help you regarding the maintenance of your laptop. So, follow these steps to keep your laptop in a good condition. 1. Clean Your Laptop: Cleaning the laptop is a very important process. It is not only about the cleaning the outer part of the laptop, but you have to clean it from inside as well. What will happen, if the the laptop is not cleaned from inside?

You will get in deep trouble, even you can loose your laptop. The environment contains dust all around you and your laptop and you do know that their is a cooling fan present in your laptop, having some slits to flow the air. When the laptop is off, dust enters your laptop through those vents and thus, after a few months it makes the cooling fan slow. That is really awful. If you laptop doesn’t get cooled, it will shut down automatically as due to overheating the inner components of laptop can get damaged. So, how to clean the laptop from inside?

It is quite simple, just open all the nuts from back side and always do wear gloves, you do not want to left fingerprints on your laptop components. Just take a brush, not a toothbrush, along with you and with the help of it clean the inner part. If you are not comfortable to perform this task, then ask for help, if no on is there, take the laptop to your nearest laptop store and they will do it for you.

2. Buy An Additional Mouse: These a days, may companies like Dell and others are offering a free mouse on the purchase of a laptop and those were the wireless mouse. In this case, it is not necessary to have a wireless mouse, you can use the USB based wired mouse too. What’s the advantage?

If you ask that, it has a simple answer. It saves your trackpad. Well, trackpad has a long life for those who use laptops for business purpose, but the hard-core gamer can not trackpad for a very long time and let it damaged due to the heat and friction. So, by paying a few bucks you can save a lot of money, as, original trackpads are costly too.

3. Use Anti-virus Software: Owning a laptop and have not installed an anti-virus? It happens with many people who hit their laptops with virus and get the operating system breakdown. It is necessary for your device. If you are using internet then you must have an antivirus as the things which we download have many bugs and many harmful viruses like Trojan one’s. If you are having an anti-virus software, let it check your device on a regular basis. Do not interrupt the device during scan. It may take a while, but its for the good health of your laptop. We prefer AVG, Norton and Avast, but you can pick p the other one’s also.

4. Give It A Break: It is unbelievable, but there are millions of people who let their laptops running on a 24×7 basis. STOP IT! Give your thing a break, as it will surely disturb your laptop and then, you will surely hear bad noises coming from your laptop. Let it sleep for a few hours, consider it as your friend. If you need 8 hours of sleep, then your friend also need to rest.

5. Shutdown Properly: This is an another important step. You will find many a times your laptop asking for the force shutdown and you are clicking on it.Do not do that again, check for the issue. Sometimes, the device checks for all the apps and it tooks a little time to shutdown, but many users do not have time and they just go straight ahead and press the power button to power off the thing. It is not good as the next time you start your laptop, it will ask to get itself start in the normal mode or not. So, shutdown your laptop properly. Wait a while, if you have to as it is your laptop we are talking about.

6. Avoid Eatables: When you are using laptop, do not eat anything. Specially, do not use those hands again as oil gets stacked on your finger tips, which you place on your key boards. Also, keep the drinking stuff away, as it will not be good if you let the water, tea, coffee falling on your laptop. It can damage the internal parts and can make you pay some bucks also.

7. Remove Unnecessary Apps: To maintain your laptop, you have to do it. It is easy, just install some PC cleaning applications and they will do it for you. The unnecessary apps acts like rust and they let the internal part damage and also, they use up the disk space.

8. Laminate It: It is not a necessary step, but you will thank us later if you did.

9. Keep Your OS Updated: To take a good care of your laptop, you have to take care of the software also, Apart from installing an anti-virus software you must keep your OS updated. As there are many bug fixes and updates which clean your software automatically.

10. Wrap-Up Properly: After shutting down the laptop, do not just let it on the table. Take it along with you and place it in the carry bag and just strap it. It is not a good deal, to keep your laptop outside for days.

11. Power and Laptop: It becomes habit of many users to provide power to their laptop all the time. Well, it i not a great deal. It can lead to the damage of your battery made up of Lithium. So,just change it and also, let the battery drop down as charging continuously can lead to the heating up of battery.

12. Buy An External HDD: It is not a necessary condition, but you have a lot of stuff in your laptop, like games, movies, songs and much more, buy an external hard disk and it will solve the issues of disk space.

13. Buy A Laptop Cool-Pad: It is a necessary thing to buy. It can be a table or just like a pad having multiple fans sucking all the heat out. It is a really good thing on which you should invest to provide a good life time to your laptop.

[signoff icon=”icon-pin”]So, these are all the steps to maintain your laptop. All these steps mentioned above are provided after using these personally. Hope this helps. If you have any other suggestions, do leave them below and if found worthy, we will update this post with your views.[/signoff]

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