How to increase storage capacity of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus & More

By posted on January 7, 2015 8:39PM
Apple iPhone 6 Review

the Apple users are always proud of their iPhones and it is one of the best smartphones out there as it is sold like hot cakes everywhere and many people have to wait for this device for even a few weeks. these are some cool stats of the Apple iPhones, but there are some bad factors too. The biggest disappointing factor is that this device has no microSD card slot. There is not enough amount of storage in the Apple iPhones. It got much more worse when the iOS 8 operating system was launched. Even Apple got slammed by a class-action suit that says Apple was not able to provide the details about the storage info about the iOS 8 storage space.

The Cupertino tech giant will have to reply to this class action suit very soon. The Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus are the two latest devices from the California based company and the company has launched this devices in three variants—16GB, 64GB and 128GB. The consumers would have appreciated more if the 16GB model was cancelled instead of the 32GB one. Anyway, when it is not done then we have to find a way to increase the storage of iPhone as it will be very difficult for users to update their phones to iOS 9. So, you have arrived at the right place where we will tell you, that how can you increase the storage capacitiy of your iPhones.

This can not be done naturally so you need to buy some external components. The procedure is very simple. Just like external hard disks for your PC or Laptop you need an external device. The four methods are mentioned below.

1. LaCie Fuel:

LaCie Fuel


The LaCie Fuel is a portable wireless hard drive for iPhones. It can be used ofr iPads and Mac. It can add upto 1TB of space. So, it is the best product out there which will help you to increase your storage. You can now take as many images as you want and can download many videos as you want. It works with the AirPlay feature and what you have all got do is is drop. The battery life of this device is also good and the company claims 10hr of battery. It also comes with the USB 3.0 port which means that you can sync the files at a high speed. You can also connect this device to the wireless network and then can use it. The LaCie Fuel portable hard disk is price at Rs. 16,138($255). You can purchase this hard disk online.

2. iXpand Sandisk Flash Drive:

Sandisk-iXpand             The second option for all the iPhone users is the SanDisk iXpand Flash drive. It allows all the user to free up their 16/32/64GB of iPhone space. It has got the USB 2.0 port connector. It requires iOS 7.1 or more and it works will iPhones and iPads only. A two year warranty is also provided by the company. It has also got a feature which allows you to encrypt the file i.e. you can password protect all your files. This device is priced at $79.99 and it is the price of 32GB model and you can save $20 by purchasing it on BestBuy if you are a resident of US.

3. Leef iBridge:



The Leef iBridge is the new product and this device has been launched today over at the Consumer Electronics Show, 2015. This is a tiny storage dongle which is going to prove very handy in the future. This product is also available in many storage options you can select from 16GB model to 256Gb model and the price starts from $59.99 and it ends at $399.99. So, it is the latest device for expanding the iPhone storage capacity.

4. PC:

Apple iPhone 6 This is the basic option which you have got, but you need more and more space on you PC or Laptop. So, if you are not having a hude amount of data then you can surely use the PC and provide space to your iPhone 6. You just require your iTunes and a USB cable provided by Apple and that will do it.

These are the four basic ways to increase the iPhone storage. You can also use the devices like My Passport Wireless, Mobile Lite G2, Connect, Wireless Plus and many more. So, there you go, this is how you can increase the storage of your iPhone. Well, manually there are a few apps which can help you, but it will not change the entire thing. If you have any other gadgets in your mind or any other method do let us know via your comments.

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