iOS 12 vs Android P: 5 Key Differences

By posted on July 4, 2018 8:09PM
Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6

 A few weeks ago, Apple held WWDC. They introduced the iOS 12 there. Before them, Google held their I/O Event and they introduced the Android P.Since, then iOS 12 vs Android P, this is what people are looking for. Its been a while now, each year we see Android coming up with new features and then we can see them ported to iOS. Similarly, when iOS comes up with something good, we can see those features ported over to Android in their next update.

This is not a game, it is a war. A Cold War in between the two most popular operating systems of all time. In the left corner of the ring, we have Android P. Wait! What? It’s not a wrestling area as there is a possible outcome at the end of the match, but there is no possible outcome.

So, that is why we are going to do the iOS 12 vs Android P Faceoff. But, let’s talk about their features.

Google Pixel 2

Android P: Features

Smart Messaging:

 Today, we can reply to anyone one from the Notification Center itself, but when we reply to them then an action screen appears in front of us and then, we just enter the message and press the send button. But, now with smart messaging, you will be able to make conversations in the notification area and you will not have to type anything.

Suppose, there are two friends A and B. A sends a message via messenger saying, are you hungry? B, will receive the message as notification and when B will pull down, the Notification Center will show B the possible replies— Yes, No or I don’t know.

So, if B presses Yes, then A will get the notification and smart messaging will show suggestions like A can reply with When should we eat?, Where should we get our dinner? etc. We hope you are clear with the feature of smart messaging.

Indoor Positioning:

 If you are an Android user, then you know this feature is coming. A few years ago, Apple showcased that they want to bring the indoor navigation to the iOS users. They can navigate through the malls, shops etc. Well, it is available in some parts but not for others. So, it is time to copy for Android. Thus, Android P proudly comes with the Indoor Positioning with Wi-Fi RTT.

Generally, you get the idea that you will see inside of a mall on a map now. But, technically, if you are a developer then they are providing RTT API’s so that the developers can measure the distance to nearby RTT-capable Wi-Fi Access Points. Also, the user must turn on the location so you have to ask for their permissions.

Cutout Support :

So, with the help of this if you are typing a message on WhatsApp, but if you want to book a cab then you do not need to leave WhatsApp. You can go ahead into Android P Google Search and it will bring up a popup—lice and then, using that you can go ahead and use an application without leaving another application. Well, it is a clean feature and it will come handy to a lot of users.

Apart from these there a lot of other features like Zoomed in magnification. It is there on iOS for a while now, and when a user presses a text then a magnification tool comes up and then, the user can use it to see everything clearly and now it comes to Android.

Android P now allows the user to hear a sound when someone plugs in a charger. You can now edit the screenshots, you can draw on them and edit them. In the lock screen area now, if you now rotate your phone you will see the nabber rotating as well.

In Android P whenever, you will pull down the notification area you will feel a vibration now. Also, they have added a lot of gesture supports in this new operating system. Time is now on the left side of the status bar.

Apart from the user’s side, Google has also been working hard to improve the life of the developers. They introduced Kotlin last year, and they have introduced a lot of new APIs this year to help the developers.

iOS 12 Public Beta


iOS 12: Features

Group Notifications:

iOS is good at a lot of things, but when comes to handling the notifications it is very bad. If you are an iOS user then you know the trouble. The notification screen is always filled with messages and you have to scroll down to see if there is an urgent one, but Android has done a great job with it.

So, it is the time to copy from Android. So, in iOS 12 you will come across group notifications. You will get 3 notifications to form the same app, but when it will become 4 then it will be turned into a group and the notifications will be stacked up. When you will click on a group notification it will lay down and you can see all of the notifications.

Also, with iOS 12 the users can now manage their notifications. Apple allows the user to let the notifications deliver quietly. So, it is going to be a lot of help, if you have an app which you use once in a month, but get notifications from it regularly.

Group FaceTime:

Apple introduced FaceTime a long time ago, and it is a proprietary solution for Apple to Apple users. But, now when it is 2018 and cross-platform apps like Messenger, Whatsapp is there, it is time for Apple to up there game. So, they have introduced Group Facetime. The Group FaceTime will allow the users to add up to 32 people In a call now. So, if your family or team own iPhones or iPads or Macs, then you can now add them up in a single call.

Screen Time:

Apple doesn’t want its users to become phone zombies. So, they have introduced Screen Time, it will help the users to know that how much time are they spending on their phones. So, that whenever you will see your screen time you will find that you have wasted that much of your time on a social networking apps. It may make you realize that you have a life outside of your smartphone too.

Apart from these, there are a lot of features and changes. The users now feel a vibration, when they unlock their phones via touchID. Also, Apple introduced meMojis this year so that the users can make their own emojis and also, with the help of them, the users can now go ahead and use them in iMessages and Group FaceTime calls too.

There is enhanced security in Safari and talking about Safari in iOS 12 vs Android P battle, the users will be able to see the favicons. They have completely redesigned, voice memos, iBooks and stocks app. They claim that the performance is also increased up to 2x.

Also, in the software update area, you will find an option select Automatic Updates. The users will find much more to add in the widget area and in the control panel.

They are also taking a major lead in the AR, AI and Machine Learning area. With ArKit 2, they have developed Measurements which will help the users to take the measurement of an object from one point to another point and that with just the help of the camera. So, they are becoming powerful day by day.

We can not forget Siri Shortcuts, with the help of Siri Shortcuts the user doesn’t need to enter an app and just guide Siri to make the appointments and bookings.

They have already released the APIs for developers with Swift 4.2 and it will be worth adding into your apps. Let’s move forward in this iOS 12 vs Android P battle.

Apple has started rolling out their iOS 12 Public Beta now, and are you have second thoughts, then you should consider reading our iOS 12 Public Beta Review. It will help you a lot.

So, these are some of the new features introduced in iOS 12 by Apple over at WWDC 2018. Coming back to the war, after reading the features who do you think will win this iOS 12 vs Android P war or is it a tie? Let’s find out the answer and see if your prediction is correct or not.

iOS 12 vs Android P


iOS 12 vs Android P: A never-ending battle


We all know that iPhones come with only one home button and it is the touchID as well. Apple never came with a back button so how do we go back, if we need to as there is no button 🧐. The answer in this iOS 12 vs Android P battle is gestures. Apple introduced gestures a long time ago.

We swiped from left to right to go ahead and left to right to go back. Apple also made sure that their developers are also following the parameters. 

So, they have introduced gestures in Xcode as well. So, developers like us must have to follow the pattern and to be honest it is good. Um! Android are you copying Apple? Yes, why not. Every other phone company is copying the notch so why shouldn’t I? Way to go Android. So, Android P now comes with Gestures as well. But, the Android folks forgot that they also have the back button,

They can not remove the back button as it will be bizarre. So, they have played smart. They have placed these gestures in that area where they were needed. They did this not make the navigation smoother than ever before, but is it better?

The answer is no. First of all, they are not using 100% Gestural Navigation like Apple. So, they have tried mix and match to hit their goals. Surely, it will be better for an Android user, but when it comes to iOS, Apple is in the lead.


We discussed this point above for Android P in this iOS 12 vs Android P post, but what about iOS. Let’s recap first. Android P now comes with smart messaging and it allows the user to reply from their notification area with suggested replies without typing anything, So, Apple is doing the same right?

No, if you are using iOS 12 then you can go ahead and use Siri to send Messages, but when it comes to replying back from the notification area they are not suggesting any texts and basically, there is no smart messaging in here for iOS 12 users now.  

In the notification area now, you can manage a lot of things, but basically, we will see Apple copying smart messaging and people going ga-ga over it even when Android P introduced it first. So, Apple is trying hard to make iMessage a better place, but still, they are some points behind while Messenger is ahead of us and also, with Gmail you can do smart messaging on Android.

The winner of this round in iOS 12 vs Android P battle will be Android P, but let’s see who wins the final war.

Face ID:

Apple introduced iPhone X, it was a special iPhone for everyone and it came with special features. Apple introduced FaceID to unlock your phone using the front-facing camera. We have seen a lot of apps doing the lame work, but Apple won hearts with this. The face unlock feature came quite handy to Apple and they removed touchID for iPhone X. They could have placed it on the back of the smartphone, but the Cupertino tech giant is a trend setter and not a follower.

The Face Unlock, the feature was quite impressive. Not only, it tracked the facial recognition every time, but it unlocked the phone in seconds. Also, Apple made sure that no one can use the pictures of their friends to hack into their phones. Oh Boy! They have played smart and even twins faced trouble.

So, Android P would have copied that, right? Nope. Sadly, they have not done that yet. So, there is no Face Unlock for the people who are using stock Android. But, Android using smartphone companies has not surrendered themselves. Vivo V9 came with Face Unlock and they are also adding in-screen fingerprint scanners to their NEX phone lineup too.

But, Google didn’t bring this feature. They are not focusing on the facial recognition at this time, but they have other things in their mind as well like Google Duplex.

Let’s forget the war and get into future. Google Duplex, is a voice assistant just like Siri and Samsung’s Bixby. So, at Google I/O 18 we saw it in action. It is just like another human being. The Google Team made Duplex to book an appointment for them and it searched for the one, called it and booked it.

But, it speaks like a human being and if you are a shop owner on the other side of the phone you will feel like a human is booking an appointment. Though, in reality, Google Duplex is doing the same. So, everyone was shocked, but this what AI can do. We all have seen Sophia, an AI-based robot which is just another human being and also, she was offered to become a citizen.

Anyways, Apple wins this war in the iOS 12 vs Android P battle as Android has not special treatments for facial recognition.

Performance and Updates:

Apple is doing a great job in this field. When it comes to updates, Android forgets it’s older model. But, Apple tries to keep their older phones updated and secured. So, the iPhone 5S, which was introduced 5 years ago, is still getting the iOS 12 update, but on the other hand, Android Oreo didn’t arrive at a lot of phones.

Premium phones like Samsung Galaxy S8, OnePlus T5 etc are going to get the major updates. But the low budget phones are not getting any bite from Android P.

Apple also maintains the performance, when it comes to releasing an update there are a lot of technical issues. But Apple makes sure that their performance speeds are not affected on the older phones. So, this round clearly goes to Apple again. Android should learn something from Apple and support all of the devices out there in the market.

Voice Assistants

We are entering an Era, where everything will be done by Robots for us and we will just give them the command. It is only possible because of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. iOS 12 brings Siri Shortcuts and Siri Suggestions. So, with the help of it, the phone is going to pay a lot of attention to your routes, sleeping time, visiting hours etc.

Also, in iOS 12 vs Android P we found that in the photos app. People can now search for people in those photos. Also, Apple introduced a category called Food and it finds food in all of the pictures and categorizes them.

So, it is very interesting and these features will become common in the near future with the help of AI and Machine Learning. So, Android P has slices now which is going to bring the other apps work. But you do not have to open another app.

Google is also using machine learning to bring out the best of the batteries as they want to adopt the screen brightness and lower the usage of battery whenever the device is sleeping. Anyway, this round goes to no one as each of them is developing their own things in their own way and in their own time.

So, after the complete comparison, we can see that in this iOS 12 vs Android P, iOS 12 is the clear winner over here, but there are a lot of good things coming to Android P. Also, we should not forget that all of those good things will come to iOS 13 as well. So, as I said above it is a never-ending battle.

If iOS is the winner today, then Android is coming after it to defeat it. So, I hope you are satisfied with the conclusion of iOS 12 vs Android P. I will see you guys in the Android Q and iOS 13 Battlefield.

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