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By posted on April 8, 2015 9:02PM
Force Touch

A few years back, a fingerprint application was developed for entertainment purpose and no one knew that it will actually become a reality one day. Well, fingerprint scanner was a big achievement for smartphone producing companies. Apple is using this technology, Samsung is using it and now, HTC has also made the cut. So, this is developed for enhanced security of the smartphones. The passcode or pattern lock system is not enough these a days. So, the fingerprint scanner was introduced, but is it enough? Apple doesn’t think so. The Cupertino tech giant introduced the Force Touch with iWatch.

These a days, everyone is hearing about the Force Touch as the new MacBooks are also carrying this feature. So, everyone is keen to know what is it and how is it different from the fingerprint scanner. If you have these questions in mind, then you have arrived ta the right place. Today, we are going to explain the Force Touch.

What is Force Touch?

Yeah! This is everyone’s first question that what is Force Touch. According to Apple, it is a new way to make your contact with your devices. Well, Apple MacBook was launched a few days back and that Laptop included the Force Touch. Well, if you have used Apple MacBook then you would be familiar to the trackpad which acts as a giant button. So, with Force Touch you can experience a lot. In the trackpad of new MacBooks there are four force touch sensors preset at each corner. Now, the trackpad is not there with only two buttons, there are four buttons now and also, there are different meanings.

The light press can lead to one action and a harder click can lead to an another action. Also, the users can now define four actions with the help of Force Touch. So, actually the Force Touch trackpad comes with the Force Touch sensors underneath it which allows the user to define different actions.

Force Touch The Fource Touch works with the taptic engine. With the harder click, the user can fast forward a video and a much more harder click can lead to the definition of a selected word. So, what is a taptic engine? How it works?

Taptic Engine:

A taptic engine is present underneath the Force Touch trackpad as you can see in the above image. It is a very tiny thing attached underneath the trackpad. When someone makes a click, then the taptic engine comes to work and it copies the the downward motion coming from the surface and leads to the opposite direction of the user’s click. Also, with the Force Touch the users will receive the Haptic Feedback. Well, the Haptic Feedback is basically a vibration which is made when the click is made. It will feel like the trackpad is tapping you back. To explain the Taptic Engine we are going to take an example.

Suppose a user is provided with a paper and pencil. So, when the user has placed the pencil on the paper it will just create a dot. So, if the user is not moving the pencil nothing will happen, but when the user does then something will take place. So, the Taptic engine has become a two step system just like the camera apps which leads to focus and then, capture the image.

MacBook Force TouchForce Touch Features:

A force touch trackpad can be used as an accelerator. As we explained above, with this technology you can now fast forward the videos. To use this, just press the trackpad and move it and with the increase in pressure you will notice the increase in fast forwarding speed. Also, this thing can be used for zooming in the maps, so varying the pressure will vary the speed. The Force Click is also there. With the Force Click, the entire definition of Trackpad is changed. Now, there is a different between a light touch and a hard touch. With the light touch you can lead to an action while with harder press you can lead to a different action. The actions can be totally customized by you.

Apple-iPhone-5S_opt-1 The Force Touch also leads to pressure sensitive drawing also. This is the last feature mentioned by the Cupertino tech giant. So, to understand this simply just think that you are drawing. The pressure is just leading to a vary in the thickness. A light stroke can lead to thin line while the hard stroke will lead to the thick line. With this, the users will also be feeling the mundane tasks.

Force Touch and other devices:

5 Best iPhone 6 cases 2015The Force Touch is currently available in the iWatch and the new MacBooks. The force touch was firstly introduced in the iWacth. There are tiny electrodes present underneath the retina display which are going to sense the light touch and hard touch and each will lead to a different action. The Force Touch is not available in any of the iPhone, but will it come? Yes! The Apple iPhone 6S may come with a force touch. So, a light press on the screen can lead to some significant feature while a hard press can lead to an another. Also, the force touch is expected to come underneath the fingerprint scanner too which will increase the security as well. So, the Cupertino tech giant has brought a new innovation which can be seen in the upcoming tablets, smartphones and laptops. This is going to change the entire concept of touch.

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