How to become an iOS App Developer in India from 2018?

By posted on December 21, 2017 10:59PM
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The year is coming to the end. So, what have you done this year? Before any further reading, just take a minute to think what you have done in 2017. Okay, are you done? If yes, read on else, go back to thinking. So, I am assuming now, you have though about this year. Today, we are going to talk about being an iOS App Developer and how you can become one in 2018. 

Everything about being an iOS App Developer:

Apple iPhone 8

The college students, who have interest in creating something for mobile phones will find this article very helpful. So, if you are one of them do share it, so that, your friend’s can also be informed.

So, why I have added ‘India’ specifically in the title? It’s because of our education system. Throughout, the school life you are told about getting into IITs, NITs, BITS if you are guiding your parents towards non-medical field. So, what is different between you and an IIT student? Nothing! They have more interest in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. This is the difference. If they were good in that, it doesn’t mean that they will be good coders too.

If you want to become an iOS App Developer, you need to have an interest for creativity and for creating something for yourself and the world which will help the smartphone users. A smartphone is not smart without an app, so, this is where the application developers come.

It is not necessary to have a graduate degree or even you had graduated 10 years ago. There is no limit of learning and you can learn anything and anytime in your life, I believe. So, if you are thinking about being an iOS App Developer then you are at the right place.

What do you need?

iOS App Developer

The answer is a macOS running device and interest. That is all. It is better if you have a latest MacBook as it is fast. At this very moment, Apple has released Xcode 9 for the application developers and they are using Swift 4 as language. So, as the time flew by, companies introduced new languages. One time there was C/C++ only, from there other languages were developed. Before Swift, iOS applications were developed using Objective C.

If you want to become an application developer, then it is necessary for you to have some knowledge in Object Oriented Programming. Thankfully, that is a subject in engineering for ECE/CSE students.

First of all, you have to download the Xcode 9 from the App Store. It is free of cost. Xcode is an IDE, which helps you in designing and getting the functionality. So, what I will recommend you to learn is the new Swift language. It is new. It is better. No doubt, most of the apps were developed using Objective C, but see, the time has changed. Swift is also better in terms of libraries.

If you are in graduating phase then you can utilise this time to learn coding as no one is going to guide you throughout the college life. As there will be no subject for Swift Learning or Application Development. The colleges in India are not providing any of those courses. On the other hand, colleges like Stanford, Harvard etc. do have these courses.

So, if you are graduating use your training time, where you are allowed 2 months and 6 months of training to learn the industry. You are not going to learn anything about the industry from there, until or unless you get into the industry. The language can be learned from there. It will be better for you if you learn from Udemy or Udacity or any similar.

iOS 11.2.5 Public Beta 2

Is it necessary to have knowledge in any other language first? If this is your question, answer is no. It is not necessary, but it will help you. For me, I started with Web Development. So, I moved step by step like HTML then CSS then Bootstrap, JQuery and then I moved to backend development with PHP and moved to Laravel Framework. It will help you if you have any previous knowledge or experience in coding.

The syntax learning part is going to take time, but once you are familiar with the Xcode and it’s tools you will be moving forward quickly. So, in an application, there are two things.

  1. Design
  2. Development

In Design, you just create the design of the application like page by page using the Xcode 9’s storyboard. All the tools are there, you can also design programatically, but that is for advanced developers. If you were web developer before, then it is not like bootstrap providing features where you create a field with input type=”text” or <button> with it’s classes. There is nothing, in application development you have to give it it’s constraints and you have to check if this app works universally or not.

What are universal apps?

What does ‘universally’ means here? The operating system iOS is not running only on iPhone, it is also running on iPhone ‘xyz’ Plus, iPad and then comes the iPad Pro. So, what is common in them? Yes, operating system is common among these. But, what is different? Any guesses? Yes, the screen size is different.

So, when we are developing websites we make sure that they are responsive, which means that the website adjusts with the screen size. Similarly, you have to make an application which suits both the screen sizes of iPhone and iPad.  Also, you would have heard that you have to create different applications were iPhones and iPads. Well, this is not true. Yes, it was, but not anymore. Thanks to Xcode, you can create the Universal applications now.

Earlier today, even we heard a rumour about Apple allowing developers to create a common application for both iOS and macOS. This is going to be a big thing, but that info will be helpful for you later. Also, Xcode is an IDE which helps you to develop apps for tvOS, watchOS and macOS.

What is MVC?

iPad Air

In the app development field, you will learn a lot. You will learn about real time databases, like how user registers or logs in  from an application. What is an API? How it works? And many more stuffs like these. Also, this is a MVC, which means Model View Controller. To make you understand this, the MVC is used to separate the code from design to make the things clean.

Model is used to join the Controller and View. You will learn about these things from online courses. So, do not worry about that. Also, an application is just like a screen with a page, it do not understand you. So, you have to code each and everything like you have to make the keyboard understand when it needs to show up and when to hide.

There are a lot of books which are out there about Swift, but I will tell you to follow videos and Swift Book from iBooks Store, which is free of cost. You can also find Stanford videos from YouTube, which will help you in understanding. An application is not only about designing. To make the designing part useful, there comes development which adds functionality.

The development part is tricky at first, but it will come to you. Apple has created the Swift language and thus, they have added all the functions required for an Application development. Also, for development you can use the Cocoa Touch Class which is a framework again for iOS App Developers.

Apple developers

The CocoaPods is also there to bring 3rd party things in use. Okay, this was the technical stuff here. Now, let’s get practical. You will have some questions about PayScale and Jobs. Well, if you look at the websites offering jobs, you will find thousands of iOS jobs because of the need of Applications. Also, AI is coming with full power in next year, which will guide apps to the next level.

The jobs are there for you to grab, but you have to start as an intern first which can offer you a Payless 3 month job or a stipened based job for 3/6 months depending on your needs. If you have experience, then 25K is minimum salary per month, in the towns. In major cities, it can be 30-35K. Then as you grow more, your salaries will grow too.

The iOS App Developer should mainly focus on development and then after the money. Money will always come to you, there is no stopping that. Because not everyone in this planet are engineers or doctors, but they earn, may be more may be less, but they earn. Application Development should be your passion and you will see yourself grow in 2018. I hope that you will follow my experience and will get yourselves a job or get into an app startup by the end of 2018.

So, if you have read this far, patiently. Thanks for reading. I wish you all the best for your App Development career. Happy Coding and in this phase, you will come across a lot of problems in your coding which are called bugs, you have to solve them. I will end with a phrase that you should always keep in mind “If there’s a will, there’s a way”.

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