5 Best smartphones from CES 2015

By posted on January 18, 2015 7:01PM
HTC Desire EYE specs

The year 2015 has just started a few days ago and we met the Consumer Electronics Show, 2015 yesterday. Well, if you are not familiar to the CES let me help you. The Consumer Electronics Show aka CES is held every year in January in Las Vegas. This is a very big electronics show where different companies come from different places to show us their 2015 products. The smartphone companies are there, accessory, auto, camera and many other companies are there. It is one of the biggest technology arena of every year. Anyway, this year’s CES has been quite good as we have seen many smartphones.

The CES has witnessed the smartphones from Asus, HTC, Lenovo and many more including LG. So, if you have waited for the CES or you are looking forward to buy a phone launched at this event, have arrived at the right place. Today, we are going to mention the 5 Best smartphones of CES 2015. So, check out the list below and do note that we have not arranged them randomly. The first phone means our first preference.

 1. LG G Flex 2:

LG G Flex 2The LG G Flex 2 has been the star of CES 2015. We will be frank with you the LG G Flex was the disaster of CES 2014. Yes! It was and many people didn’t even liked it. Then, LG came to knew that 6-inch display are not only enough to win consumer’s heart. Well, we have to sya they have done a very good homework and they announced the LG G Flex 2 this year. The handset is having a 5.5-inch FHD 1080p display. It is running on the Android 5.0 lollipop operating system. It has regular connectivity features along with an Octa-Core processor and 13-Megapixel camera. The internal storage of this device is 32GB. Well, the design of this smartphone is quite similar to the LG G3, but it has got some good features. The back panel is bendable and it heals up automatically with in 10 minutes. The battery back up is also nice. The G Flex 2 is basically a very nice phone from the South-Korean tech giant.  This handset is at our number one list and to know more about this device read the post below.

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2. HTC Desire 826

HTC Desire 826

The HTC Desire 826 is launched earlier today and this is also a very nice device. It is the successor to the HTC Desire 820 as the design of this device is similar to that, but the specifications are improved now. It is having a 1080p screen now as compared to the 720p screen present on the Desire 820. it is the first device from HTC to run on Android Lollipop operating system. Now, there is a 4-Ultrapixel camera on the front. It also packs the new Snapdragon 615 processor. The price of this device has not been revealed, but it will be launched later this month. So, it is also a very good phone from CES.

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3. Asus Zenfone 2:

Asus Zenfone 2


The Asus Zenfone 2 is the successor to the Zenfone which was launched last year at CES, 2014. This device has also been upgraded a lot. It is a 4G device now and has got many good features. It comes with a 5.5-inch FHD 1080p display. It is running on the Android Lollipop operating system. It has got all the basic connectivity features. It is packing the 1.8GHz Intel processor along with 2GB of RAM. This device is actually avai;able in two variants. The smartphone is having 4GB of RAM in the other model. It has got also many good new features. To know more about it’s features, price and release date check out the post below.

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4. Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro:

Lenovo Vibe X2 The Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro is the successor to the Vibe X and it has got some good features too.. This device is having a 5.3-inch 1080p FHD display. It running on the Android KitKat operating system. It packs a Snapdragon 615 64-bit octa-core processor along with 2GB of RAM. Ther is a 13-Megapixel camera present on the back of this device. It is a 4G phone and has got all the basic connectivity feature. It is also a good phone and it will be available very soon. To know more about this device check out the post mentioned below.

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5. Asus Zenfone Zoom:


Asus Zenfone ZoomThe Asus Zenfone Zoom a camera phone which is having the 13-Megapixel camera on the back which allows user to get 3X zoom. Well, in comparison to Samsung Galaxy K Zoom it is nothing as that device has got the 10X zoom. This device is having a 5.5-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen FHD display. it is running on Android Lollipop.It looks quite similar to Nokia Lumia 1020. Anyway, this smartphone packs a 64-bit quad-core Atom processor and a 3,000mAh battery is there to provide power to this smartphone. It is also a good phone and you can know about it’s full features, price and release date in the post, mentioned below.

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The CES is still going on and we can see few more phones there, but for now these are the top 5 phones from CES, 2015. Apart from these phones, we have witnessed the HTC Desire 320, Lenovo P90 and Kodak has also launched it’s phone there. Anyway, do stay tuned while we are bring more technology news for you.


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