Top 10 features of macOS Mojave

By posted on June 23, 2018 4:53PM
macOS Mojave

Apple conducted WWDC, one of the most anticipated Apple events last week and at this mega event, the Cupertino tech giant introduces there updates to the software platform. They have introduced a lot of new features in all of their operating systems. For your information, Apple consists of four main operating systems–iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. So, they have introduced new features to all of them this year. But, today we will talk about macOS Mojave only.

If you recall the WWDC, 2017, you will remember that the Cupertino tech giant introduced the macOS High Sierra, which was just an addon to macOS Sierra, but there was nothing big in that operating system. But, macOS Mojave consists of a lot of new features and this is what we should be seeing in new updates. By the way, Mojave is a Dessert, if you didn’t know that already. Today, we are going to discuss the 10 best features of macOS Mojave.

1) Dark Mode in macOS Mojave:

macOS Mojave

The Dark Mode was introduced last year, and it has been floating around, but Apple didn’t introduce this feature. They have always been a little slow on some of the things that consumers actually needed. So, finally with macOS Mojave users will get the dark mode. Currently, in the macOS High Sierra, there is an option in the Appearance area, where the users can get a little dark mode of tabs, but it was not that much effective.

This is the true dark mode which is coming with macOS Mojave. Also, it depends on you, if you are a coder then you spend most of your day in front of your Mac Screen, but do you want your editor in dark mode? Yes, I want that, and now Xcode–an IDE for iOS App Development–is also going to come in the Dark Mode. Apart from the theme, you will see the left sidebar in dark color. It will also help your eyes. Well, macOS users will be thrilled to get this feature, on the other hand, iOS users will have to wait for another year to get this feature.

2) Dynamic Desktop:

macOS Mojave

The dynamic desktop is one of the best features in terms of the user interface after the dark mode. So, what is this feature? Well, let’s go back in time. There was a time when people used to watch the shadow of a stick to judge the time. Though there is no need of it anymore, macOS Mojave is doing the same thing. In the morning, we see light and by night lights are out. Similarly, this feature will keep the view of the wallpaper changing from time to time. In the morning, it will be bright but as the time will pass it will change itself. So, it is a beautiful feature introduced by Apple.

3) Desktop Stacks:

Are you lazy, when it comes to cleaning up your desktop screen? Well, actually many of us are. We do not keep the files in folders, we do not align them and we do not clean them in months. Some of us will have their entire screen filled with icons, images, files, and folders. So, Apple introduced the Desktop Stacks in this operating system. With this feature, you can now go to the tab area and find a button using which everything will be stacked up like this image.

Therefore, images will be stacked up, files, folders, videos and everything which are littered with us on our desktop screen. Thus, it will be much better than ever before. Also, when you will click on these cluttered images, you will see all your images on one click, in the desktop screen. So, this feature is neat.

4) Safari Favicons:

Every year, Apple adds something to its Web Browser–Safari. So, this year not only they have added further securities in this web browser but also, they have introduced the favicons for Safari. Well, we hope that you know what favicons are, but if your answer is no then, it is the icon which comes along with the tab. Currently, you can see those icons on Google Chrome or Firefox, but after this update, you will see those in the Safari tabs too.

5) Group Facetime:

This is another big feature from the Cupertino Tech giant. Apple Facetime has been there for a while now. We have seen many improvements over the years, but this was asked for many of the users. This feature was introduced by IMO, where you can add up to 4 people, and also, we can resemble this to the PiperChat(a fictional app from the sitcom Silicon Valley).

Now, you can add up to 32 members in a Facetime call. Neat, right? But, how will I know who is speaking? Well, there is a simple solution. Whenever a person will speak up we will be able to see his/her video area getting expanded, Skype also uses this kind of thing as well. Anyway, this is good to know that they are bringing this feature with macOS Mojave.

6) New Mac App Store:

Last year, Apple introduced the new App Store for iOS and this year, they have introduced an updated Mac App Store, which resembles the iOS App Store. The Mac App Store is there for a while now, and in some of the last years, it’s not touched. So, they have done a great job with this and in the image above you can see the Mac App Store in the Dark Mode. So, it is much cleaner and useful than ever before. Also, Apple is working on a project which will help to export your iOS Apps to macOS.

7) iOS Apps on MacOS

Earlier this year, we heard that Apple is working on a project which will allow the Apple Developers to bring iOS Apps to macOS. At this point in time, mac Apps are finite but on the other hand, iOS Apps are nearly infinite. So, what they have done is that they are bringing a method which will allow iOS Developers to add some lines of code to add that app on macOS as well.

Currently, the process is too lengthy to handle. I am an iOS App developer as well, and I know I have to re-write the entire code base to get an iOS App to macOS. Follow this post, if you want to become an iOS App Developer.

This year, Apple brought News, Home, and Voice Memos to macOS from iOS. Also, the stock is new. So, in the near future, we can see a lot of iOS apps coming to macOS.

8) Enhanced Security:

Apple is a lot more focused on security now, last year they added a lot of security features in Safari. But this year Apple said:

In Safari, enhanced Intelligent Tracking Prevention helps block social media “Like” or “Share” buttons and comment widgets from tracking users without permission. Safari now also presents simplified system information when users browse the web, preventing them from being tracked based on their system configuration. Safari now also automatically creates, autofills and stores strong passwords when users create new online accounts and flags reused passwords so users can change them.

So, they are digging deep and the OS is much more secure than other platforms.

9) Gallery View in Finder:

A finder is a great tool when we look for stuff in our macs. So, till this day we have four tabs, Icons, List, Columns and Cover Flow, but now they have introduced the Gallery View. Well, now with one click we can go ahead and also look at the image preview. So, we do not need to tap on each of them an see them separately. This will of great help.

10) New Screenshot Tools:

This is the last best feature of macOS Mojave, and now, you do not depend on the third party Apps to record a screen or take better screenshots. Now, with this OS you will be able to see a new screenshot tool. It will give you an immediate thumbnail preview just like iOS to make the UX better.

So, these are the Top 10 Features of macOS Mojave, apart from this there are some other features as well. Apple is going to release this operating system publically on 9th September. If you want to get a public beta then it is coming later this month. So, this is going to be a great update and we are really excited about the Dark Mode.

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