How to fix all Wi-Fi problems in iOS 8.1: Guide

By posted on October 25, 2014 6:39PM
Apple iPhone 6

Apple has announced the new iOS 8 operating system a few months back. Well, it was not a real big improvement as we have seen a drastic change from iOS 6 to iOS 7. We can say that it is an update which makes the iOS platform much more sharp. Anyway, the Cupertino tech giant launched the new Apple iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus with the iOS 8 operating system, but they released the software as an update a day before the launch of these two new iPhones.

The people were glad to get the update, but they were not very happy. Why? Because there were many issues, problems and bugs. This is not a very good sign.

It was a very bad roll out as with in a few hours Apple’s Support got flooded with questions. Some were saying that they are not receiving the update, some said the battery life reduced, some said the Wi-Fi is not working properly and much more and to their questions, Apple rolled out the iOS 8.1 as a solution, but instead of providing people the comfort many people got frustrated.

Apple released the iOS 8.1 update this Monday and the servers went down and it showed the update failed. Then, there were some battery and Wi-Fi issues. Well, we have got a solution for your Wi-Fi problems. So, how can you fix your Wi-Fi issues in iOS 8.1 devices.

These steps have been tried and are working on Apple iPhone 6 which is also running on iOS 8.1.


There are two options. The first one is to check your internet connectivity that whether it is working or not. If working and your other devices are running then try to forget your Wi-Fi and then try again. If it’s working then it is good and if not then, go ahead to Settings–>General–>Reset–>Reset Network Settings. Then it will take a few minutes but this is quite worthy step. It can surely help you. If you are still not getting it then we have got an another option, it can sound very abnormal to you t first but it worked for us.

The second option is to go a little away fro your Wi-Fi network. Then, turn the Wi-Fi off and after ten second do turn the Wi-Fi on and connect to that same network and open Whatsapp, Safari or Facebook to give it a go. Your internet will be working and then, you can come back to your place if you were near Wi-Fi. We have tried this method and it is working for us and after that you will also find that sometimes your Wi-Fi is dropping.

If your device is connected and still internet is dropping then do not worry just follow the second and you will get positive results. Just go far from the Wi-Fi Router so that, your Wi-Fi indicator shows medium signal strength.

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If these both conditions are not working then you should just take your device to the Apple Store where they will fix your  issue as at this time the Apple’s site has been flooded with iOS 8.1 problems. We tried this second method a few times at three different Wi-Fi locations and everytime the second option did worked. So, we hope that it will work for your iOS 8.1 running device. So, we hope that it will fix your Wi-Fi issues with iOS 8.1. If it helps you, do let us now via your comments.

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