Nokia manufacturing Android smartphone secretly

By posted on November 3, 2014 9:31PM
Nokia X+

Nokia, the mobo giant which is acquired by Microsoft and a lot of transitions are going within the company and in the mean while the finish division of Nokia is secretly working on a smartphone that will run on Android out of the box. Earlier Nokia launched X, XL and another variant but they weren’t that much successful.

Microsoft will rebrand Nokia from Nokia to Microsoft Lumia as the latest reports suggests. But the final name is not sure till this date. On the other hand the remaining Nokia division is working and wants to come out of the lock out in the best possible way.According to Nokia’s chief financial officer said:

[blockquote cite=”Timo Ihamuotila”]We will, of course, carefully assess what would be the best way for us to maximize the value of the Nokia brand, also taking into account that we’re in the lock-up period still in the Microsoft transaction regarding our possibility to use the brand and we have recognized that Nokia brand is the most valuable from recognition perspective in the area of mobile phones and mobile devices[/blockquote]

If Nokia comes out with some sort of Android smartphone, we will surely let you know and beside that we do hope that Nokia still has the potential to get out of the scenario very easily if they try a bit hard and work wisely. Do stay tuned for latest headlines and technology news.

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