Nokia Asha 300 Camera Review and performance

By posted on April 22, 2014 8:28PM

Nokia has launched the Asha 300 last year at Nokia World 2011 and at that time when we firstly heard it’s specs we felt okay, but we never have thought that it’s camera is going to be so better than it’s expected.On the back of the Asha 300 there’s a 5.0 Megapixel camera present, it’s a fixed focus camera and it can’t shoot 720p HD videos, but it can capture images of decent quality.Nokia Asha 300 is running on Symbian S40 operating system and thus the camera user interface is a little older, but still it’s quite easy to use.

Nokia Asha 300 can take 114 images only with the help of internal storage and if you insert the memory card the the capability increases.Anyway, if you take the images in full 5 Megapixel mode then you are taking a picture of 1944 x 2592 pixels.The phone can take images in 3.2 MP (1536 x 2048), 2.0 MP (1200 x 1600), 1.2 MP (960 x 1280), 0.3 MP (480 x 640 mode) and even 0.1 MP (240 x 320) mode as well.

Nokia Asha 300 has a Sequence Mode, it’s having full focus mode,Self-timer also.It has Still image Editor and Full screen viewfinder also which helps you to see the image more clearly.It takes the image in JPEG format only.There is no dedicated camera button present on this device and to start camera you have to go to menu–>Photos–>Camera and after hitting the camera button, the camera will start and you will see three symbol at the bottom.First one is for settings, second one is for taking the image and the third one is back.Well, to capture an image just press that camera button for once and with in a few seconds image will be captured.Well, we have to admit that the processor and image capturing speed of the 5.0 Megapixel camera is very impressive and it’s quicker than major camera devices.On pressing that first symbol a new screen will pop up and it will show Frames, My photos, Effects, Video C., White Bal., Self-Timer, Sequence, Exposure, Grid,Settings, Organise, Default.

Frames helps you to add frames to the capturing photos.My Photos is a place to view photos that you have captured with your Nokia Asha 300.Effects help you to transform the photo you are capturing and this phone has different kind of impressive effects.On taping the video camera you can start recording videos and the white balance lets you to adjust photo colours so that they are as accurate as possible, Self-timer helps you to set a timer to delay photo capture , sequence lets you to capture multiple photos in quick succession which is quite good feature, Exposure helps you to find the right exposure level for different light conditions, Grids lets you line up parts of the subject you wish to capture, then settings come with out which the camera is simply useless as it helps you to brought a lot of transformations before capturing an image, organise lets you to move menu options around the grid to best suit your need and finally, default helps you to restore camera settings to their original default state.

Overall, the camera of Nokia Asha 300 is better than our expectations, well, it’s a cool smartphone with a good camera, so, if you are looking forward to buy a touch and type device in the future of low price range then, do choose, Nokia Asha 303 or Asha 300, the best camera phones we have checked in the low price range yet.Anyway, we are completely satisfied with this camera and if you want to buy this phone for camera you will like it because of it’s good image taking quality.Anyway, for now check out some images taken below by us and analyse the camera more.Stay tuned for the complete review of Nokia Asha 300.

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