Micromax Canvas LapTab Review and Gaming: Good or Bad?

By posted on June 1, 2015 10:33PM
Micromax Canvas LapTab Review

A few weeks ago, Micromax sent us the LapTab media teaser, and everyone was confused because we almost frogot about this product, and thought that it might be a new watch from the company. We were wrong. Micromax Canvas LapTab was introduced that day in India. Micromax showcased this 2-in-1 over at Consumer Electronics Show, 2014 but after that we never heard about this device. The concept was to make this device come with both Android and Windows, but the final version arrived with Windows only. 

In India, there are a few 2-in-1’s and earlier this year, we saw the Asus Transformer T100. The device is priced at Rs. 14,999 and it a very good price point for a 2-in-1 here in India. Anyway, a lot of people are looking forward to buy the Micromax Canvas LapTab, but is it worth buying? Let’s find out in our complete Micromax Canvas LapTab Review.

Unboxing Video:

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ourPgKb-i0Y”]

[two_third]Micromax Canvas LapTab comes with a very nice and comfortable design which is having the damped or forced in circular edges at the four corners(Tablet only) and we can see that the angular edges are quite nice, and there is also a metal bezel running all around the phone, but the glass looks quite nice. Also, the tablet is not copying anyone’s design. It is very slim and comes with a good design, which doesn’t seems to be bad at all. So, finally a slim and well designed 2-in-1 from Micromax.[/two_third]

” Micromax Canvas LapTab looks nice.


The Micromax Canvas LapTab comes with a single multi-touch capacitive button, which is present at the bottom end of the front side. At the launch event, we saw the LapTab in Black/Grey unit, and we got the Grey/Black unit for Micromax Canvas LapTab Review. The color looks nice on this tablet, and we will go with this color. The consumers are bored of that same design, so, here the Canvas LapTab can really spark up consumer’s life with a great, slim and new design. I terms of design, the consumers are surely going to like it, as we liked it too.

Micromax Canvas LapTab Unboxing

The Micromax Canvas LapTab LT666 comes with a 10.1-inch WXGA multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display, which offers a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, and it provides a good amount of pixel density and we are going to be honest with you, the screen is quite sharp, and the text is crisp on this display. It is an IPS LCD display and gives you an aspect ratio of 16:9  and the estimated percentage of the screen area from the device’s front end is 65.85%. The device is actually having a high PPI and the screen resolution is also good as there are many smartphones present around 10K INR with low pixel density and qHD display.


“The Display looks sharp, texts were crisp


Yes! The display can be broken but the touchscreen and the inner part will be safe. We have done the drop test of this device, but we think that this phone is going to handle a petty amount of damage. This is a LCD display, thus, it is good for this price range, and honestly the brightness level of this phone is quite good. Also, if you are familiar to Windows then you know that the platform is not a battery sucker, so the highest brightness level will not impact hugely on your LapTab.

The dimensions of this device are good, and this a slim device. It is a not thick, and it’s weight is low as compared to many smartphones. It weighs about 1.1Kg. The weight of this 2-in-1 is also okay, and we felt it is kind of a light thing to hold in the hand or to place in the bag. The tablet feels solid, it feels solid in the hand. . The capacitive touchscreen button is also having the back lit support which means that in the dark conditions you are not going to face any kind of trouble.


This high end spec featured Micromax Canvas LapTab is having all the required ports. There is also a noise cancellation port present in this device. Anyway, this gadget is having a good touch sensitivity as we dd not faced any difficulty with the response of touchscreen. Also, at the left side of this device the users can find the volume rockers and the power button. The device supports dual speakers and also, it comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack SIM card slots and the microSD card slot is there. Overall, this LapTab is quite good in the terms of hardware, design and display and you can see our ratings above and also hover on the other side to give your ratings.

OS, Messaging and Connectivity Features:


The Micromax Canvas LapTab is running on Windows 8.1, and it is the latest version from Microsoft. It is has a good Kernel version which is going to be useful for the developers. Anyway, if you know the rooting process, then you can surely root the phone to help yourselves immensely with many things.


“The OS Is Fast, And It Comes With Windows 8.1.


If you’re running Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1 and you get updates automatically, you don’t need to do anything: Windows Update will download and install the update for you within the next few weeks. It won’t interrupt what you’re doing except to tell you that you need to restart your PC to finish the installation.

To check if the update is already installed, go to the Start screen. If you see a Search button near your account name at the top of the Start screen, you already have the update.

We strongly recommend that you install Windows 8.1 Update or Windows RT 8.1 Update (KB 2919355). This is a critical update that is required for future updates to Windows. If you prevent it from installing or you uninstall it, you won’t get future bug fixes, security updates, and new features. In some cases, if you uninstall this update from a new PC after signing in with a Microsoft account, OneDrive might not work as expected.

The Micromax Canvas LapTab is not having a big screen(like 15.6-inch, which we see in other laptops), so you may not have expected this device to bring luxurious typing quality to it, but it is pretty good. It is going to withstand on your expectations. If you are having small hands, then you will not find any trouble as it is a 10.1-inch display and more than that you are going to get the keyboard. So, the chiklet styled keyboard is very good, and it will be good for people with big hands to type in the portrait mode. So, if you are having small hands better use the keyboard.

Micromax_Canvas_LapTab_upperviewOverall, it is a very good keyboard, but the trackpad is small. The dock works very well, but it comes with some glitch. The surrounding area of the trackpad is not working well, when you place your wrist on that, it goes inside and an automatic click appears on the screen which is not a good sign. You can get over it, by using the mouse.

This is a 3G only device and has connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB port and a 3.5mm headphone jack as well. It uses micro-SIM card and we have checked all the connectivity features, and no problems were found with the connectivity features. Overall, this tablet was also quite good in the terms of OS and Connectivity. You can find our ratings above for this section too.

Camera and Processor & Performance:



The Micromax Canvas LapTab comes with a 2-Megapixl AutoFocus camera with the no flash, which is capable of shooting HD videos. This device can shoot in a resolution of 720p only. Under 15K INR, there is only no laptop available under this price range with video shooting capability. The primary camera comes with a good Lens and takes image in 3264 x 2448 pixels. Also, it come with features like AF, Geo tagging, Touch Focus, Continuous shooting, ISO setting, Face Detection, White Balance setting, Blue filter glass and much more.

Focusing was slow on this device and sometimes we faced lag in automatic exposure detection. The final textures were poor, but not the worst. But, the camera performed okay in low light conditions. This camera is not made for shooting, it is made for video calling. It is not a very good camera.

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBiL7b3hnZQ”]

Anyway, moving ahead, on the front of this device there is also a 2-Megapixel Fixed Focus camera present, which is quite useful as it has got the 3G support, so, you can make the video calls with it. On the other hand, you can use the front camera to set your hair style and see your beautiful face. Also, you can shoot videos with it.

The camera performance was just okay, it was not our best experience, but at the end of the day, we have to keep the price tag in mind too . We have deeply tested both these cameras and the rear camera is good, but the front camera is a little dull. At this moment, we have no photos to share as we accidentally deleted the folder containing the pics, but we can assure you that it is good for photography. The video quality was also okay and you can see the camera in our video. 

If you want to know more about the camera in detail, then do check out the Micromax Canvas LapTab Review video below, where everything is explained. This device is also packing a Quad-Core processor. The tablet is using the Intel Atom processor, which was launched last year. It is a true Quad-Core processor and we have done both benchmark test and gaming review video of this laptab, it comes with a Mali 400 GPU.

If we talk about the Micromax Canvas LapTab Full Review, then gaming is also included. The Micromax Canvas LapTab is not made for gaming. It is not capable of playing good quality games. It may run GTA Sanandreas or some games like that, but still you should not expect any great shakes from this 2-in-1. The Micromax Canvas LapTab comes with the dual speakers.


We have also played a lot of Full HD videos on the LapTab, and the playback was fair, there were no hesitating moments, but overall, it was okay. Multitasking was okay, and we do not think that the consumers are going to face day-to-day multitasking problems. The battery life of this device was quite good and it lasted for 9 hours and 14 minutes. Also, we saw that the battery is decreasing gradually and we do not know whether it is a problem with the software or battery itself.



The Micromax Canvas LapTab is not a bad phone as it will give you a fair performance, and apart from that, we have also checked the call quality of this phone and we have found it satisfying, and the person on the other side was able to hear clearly. The internal storage of this device is 8GB and you can expand the external storage up to 32GB via a MicroSD card. The handset comes with a good back finish, it feels like poly carbonate, and you can take photos in high speed burst mode too. Also, the front camera supports upto 5 beauty effects. This device is also having many other features which includes playing various video and audio formats and much more.

The Micromax Canvas LapTab comes with a non-removable battery. The slots re already included in the side and the device is quite powerful in terms of performance. You will also get MS Office 365 for 1 year and it is a very good offer from Micromax



The Micromax Canvas LapTab is not a high end phone, but the company has tried to put their best efforts as the device is having very good features. Also, this device is available only in Black version. This device is priced at Rs. 14,999, and you can get it from Online retailer—Amazon. It is one of the best laptops present in India, under 20K INR at this moment, but if you want to get more, you can go ahead and buy a LapTop around Rs. 27,000 which will give you better experience, but if you are having a budget of 15K, go with this. So, there you go that was all about the Micromax Canvas LapTab Full Review, watch the complete review video below to know more. Also, check out the image gallery underneath. Thanks for reading our review. Please Hover Above to rate this smartphone. Also, there is no need to buy a protective case as the manufacturer is already providing a screen guard, and we don’t feel the need of a cover case.

Video Review:

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-QlDJyjjTY”]

[signoff icon=”attention”]The Micromax Canvas LapTab Full Review is totally genuine and we shared our views honestly. Thanks a lot to the folks over at Micromax for sending us the Canvas LapTab.[/signoff]

Image Gallery:

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