Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset Review: Worth Buying?

By posted on August 24, 2015 11:33PM
Kingston HyperX Cloud Headset

A few years ago, we were used to see the in ear headphones, which were of very poor quality and they were just used not to create disturbance. The headsets were not having rubber tips even at that time, but today if we talk bout the headsets then we can see a lot of variety. The On-Ear headphones are also invented now and today, we are going to share the Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review with you guys. Many users have asked us about Sennheiser, Beats and other brands, but  today we are going to discuss about the Kingston. This company is not only famous for making SSDs or RAMs, it is also famous for making headsets too. 


The Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming headset is the predecessor to the Cloud II Gaming headset and there are a lot of consumers who are still looking for the predecessor as it is low priced as compared to the successor and it is available everywhere. So, the Kingston HyperX Cloud is the first audio peripheral which is ever launched into the market and they have done well. We have tested many headsets including Sennheiser, JBL and Beats Audio and it is also a good one.


The Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming headset is really made for gaming players. This is a thing which you definitely need, if you are a pro gamer. If you think you are and you haven’t used a Gaming headset then, you are wrong. We are not doing an advertisement for any product, but seriously a professional gamer can only feel it with this kind of headset.


A few months ago, we tested out the Logitech G502 mouse which was quite unique and it was one of the best out there. It has replaced the keyboard. Anyway, the Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming headset is quite good, In the box, you are going to get this headset first of all. Two Kingston key rings and then, after that you will receive a mic, interchangeable ear-cups, a dual-3.5mm adaptor, a dual-3.5mm jack to single 3 ring adaptor (for phones and tablets), the extension cable, a removable in-line control box, the detachable microphone and an extremely handy carry pouch. So, the company has assured that there is no lag.


The Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset is not supporting the 7.1 surround sound through a USB powered device, but still it is quite good. The quality and finish of the material is excellent. Sleeved wires is an absolute plus. Also, you get a lot of option you are getting dual 3.5mm adaptor  and you can use that very wisely.

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So,this thing helps you a lot also, if you want to get something new you can get the interchangeable ear-cups, which is also handy as you need not to buy one everything comes inside the box.


The Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming headset is going to give you an awesome performance, First of all, it is not going to disturb others. We have seen many Beats Headsets which disturbed others as headsets were on ear and still noise was coming out of them. So, in comparison to that it is quite better as we have not found any such issue with this headset and to check that we went to a silent place and raised the level of volume to full and found no bad impressions.


The Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming headset is coming with very decent audio quality too. To test this thing, we have played four games. One was one a smartphone, rest of them were on PC/Laptop.


We played Asphalt 8 on the smartphone using this headset and we felt a tremendous difference. It brought me a step closer to reality, it feels like you are there. Next up, we played the Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare and then, we found some decent results. It was just like real, you can even hear a sound of whisper and a sound of twisting branch.


Then, we also played Far Cry 4 and GTA V, it was a very nice experience. It is like that there is no negative issue about this product, We have reviewed thousands of product for last 5 year and it came up to be a very clean product. The Sennheiser headsets cost twice than these, but still what is the use as they are not better than these. The Cloud II is coming with 7.1 Surround Sound and that will be worth checking out too.


The Kingstion HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset doesn’t need any kind of extension as there’s a plain 3.5mm extension cable included.  It is actually 1 meter in length and it is more than enough. You can sit quite far and can attach these to the TV and can maintain the health of eye too. Also, if you want to chat then the mic is also included and you can use that to record some kind of speech or for chatting.


The look and design of this HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset is quite good. The straps are nice, the plates are also adjustable and if you are having small head then, you can use them as well. It doesn’t matter if you are having a big head or a small heard. The sound quality is just awesome and you can compare a lot of products in this price range and they are not good like this one. It is providing more room of extension as compared to any other brand out there. There is a difference of Rs. 2,000 between this one and the Cloud II headset and these are not bad.


The Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset weighs about 350g and to keep this thing the company is also providing you the carry case. The case is very good and you can place this headset easily in there. The leather headband is one of the coolest looking thing which we have discovered and HyperX is embossed on that, take a look at the image below.

DSC_0088 The Gaming headset is made for gamers, but you can use it for listening music too. It is not going to create that much of bass and vibration, but it is good for your ears too. The ear cups are also made available in two different options, one is the Synthetic leather option and a traditional cloth covering. The Ear cushions are also there to give you full comfort. A lot of light weighted and thin headsets are there in the market, but still it is one of the best one when we speak about the price.


The Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset Review is done perfectly and it is very adjusting and the quality is a thumbs up from our side. The detachable microphone can also be replaced with any of the microphones out there, but the present ones are supporting a frequency response of 100 to 12,000Hz. If you are carrying a DSLR, then you can also place a DSLR in that carry case too. It is very good and it is a brilliant thing included by the company as well.


The 53mm Drivers present on this headset are quite nice and you can use the 3.5mm ports. The Aluminum build gives the Cloud a great shape and shows that HyperX cares about the longevity of their products.


The Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset is a very nice product and it is priced at Rs. 5,400 over at Amazon and you can buy this product over at different online retailers too. If you are looking for a nice headset instead of Sennheiser and other brands you can go with this one as it is very comfortable and you need not to worry about the build quality as well. This On-Ear headset is coming with everything you need and the consumers need not to waste a single penny on buying anything else. Also, for gaming this is one of the best thing out there. Overall, it is worth buying.

[signoff icon=”attention”]The Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset Review is true and it is an honest opinion. Thanks to folks over at Kingston India for sending us the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset.[/signoff]

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