iOS 12 Public Beta Review: Should you update?

By posted on June 28, 2018 10:34AM
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Yesterday, Apple rolled out the iOS 12 Public Beta. The developers already got theirs on the launch day, but the general public has to wait for the beta version. So, today we are going to do the iOS 12 Public Beta Review and we will cover everything up so that at the end you will come to know whether it is worth upgrading to this beta or not.

iOS 12 Public Beta Review:

We are using the iPhone 6 here, and some of the latest ARKit features are not available for this model. But we will let you know about all the features.

Group Notifications:

This is the major update for notifications. In iOS 11, we saw the notifications stacking up the entire space of our lock screen. Whether, it is WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram it was a dump out there.

So, the solution is Grouped Notifications and when we tested it for the very first time, it seemed very nice for this iOS 12 Public Beta Review. We got three WhatsApp notifications, but then it was not grouped at that time, but when the fourth one appeared we saw the WhatsApp Notification stacked into groups. Also, when you will press a particular group notification, it will open up and it will say clear all or show less. So, if you clear all then, it will clear the group, but if you press show less then it will again stack up in groups.

So, far so good is what we will like to say about the grouped notifications. Also, now, when a notification arrives you reply to them instantly. Some apps were supporting this but now it is kind of general.

Group FaceTime:

The group FaceTime was rolled out at the WWDC, 2018 and we have seen that the Cupertino Tech giant got an appreciation for it. So, how well does it work? Well, we do not have 32 contacts exactly in our list to test the video call to its limit, but we are testing it with 10-12 users at a time, and it works perfectly for us. As, we do not have the iPhone X with us at this time, so we were not able to check the meMojis, but we will like to tell you what are they.

Apple introduced Animoji with iPhone X, and now, MeMoji for the iOS 12 users. Now, meMoji allows you to make your own avatars and Apple provides a tool so that you can make it possible. Also, they have introduced the Tounge Tracking feature, so whenever you will bring out your tongue you will see the emoji taking out its tongue as well. The demo looked quite impressive and responsive over at WWDC.

iOS 12 Public Beta Review

Screen Time:

Next up, in the iOS 12 Public Beta Review, we have the screen time. So, what is it? The screen time will tell you how much you have used your phone and it will show everything in percentages, like 5% for productivity, 40% Social Networking etc.

So, this is a clean feature. Apple doesn’t want you to be glued to your phones and this will help you a lot as each time you see the screen time, you will come to know that you have been using your phone too much.

Automatic Update Option:

In iOS 12, you will not have to manually update your phone each time. Here is an option for you now. If you will go to Settings > Software Update. Users will be able to see Automatic Update options. It is disabled at first, but if you enable it then, it will just notify you that the update is installed. That is it, no more alerts and all.

TouchID Vibration:

If you are using an older iPhone like us for iOS 12 Public Beta Review. Then you will be glad to know that Apple has silently released the TouchID vibration feature. There are no rumors about it. So, if you are on iOS 11, you just place your thumb or finger on your touchID. It just unlocks your phone. But now with iOS 12, you will feel a vibration. It is new. But also we have tested it on two iPhones and we found that it was working for one but not for the other.

We tried to look ahead and open all the possible settings, but we were not able to find it. Anyhow, this can happen to you as well. So, do not worry. If it is happening to you then Apple will fix it in the next software update.

New Home, Stocks, iBooks and VoiceMemos:

These apps are redesigned and especially stocks, iBooks and voice memos. They were there for like ever and were not changed a bit, but with iOS 12 you will feel that these are updated. Thus, they are having much more features as well individually.

Photos became smarter:

We explore the photos app and it is coming with new look in some parts. The search feature is new and also, if you have pictures of food then, Apple will create a new category called foods and they will add all the food pictures in it.

So, this is what machine learning is and thus, our phones are becoming much smarter each and every day. Also, there is a new QR Code Scanner for the camera.


When it comes to performance, the people with older iPhones always think should we update our iPhones or not. The answer is simple. You should because every time there is an update the company is making sure that the phone is much more secure now. We are using the iPhone 6 for this iOS 12 Public Beta Review, but we found that there are some performance improvements. Apps are opening a little fast and the keyboard appears quickly on the phone.

The battery life also looks good to us as there are no draining or battery issues at all. There is also another feature–Siri Shortcuts. It makes Siri go to the app itself. Then it does whatever you want like to call from the App and it will book appointments for you. It is a new feature, and we are trying it.

Now, you can add a lot more to control center Like low power mode, QR scanner code, screen recording etc. Also, when we went to Safari, we found that it is fine, but there were no favicons. So, we may see them in the next update.

So, this is iOS 12 Public Beta Review and we do think that it is a stable update. If you want to enroll yourself, just go to and enrolling your iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS devices now.

Next up, we are going to come with the macOS Mojave Review. So, stay tuned for that.

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