Internet Explorer updated to prevent hacking

By posted on August 19, 2015 11:21AM
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Microsoft today released a critical update for the Internet Explorer use. In the current version of Internet Explorer, there is a hole through which hackers can access your system and not only that they can remotely install software and can steal your data as well and can also spread virus across your system.

According to Microsoft. there is zero-day vulnerability and using it they can make you click on links that will redirect you to some specific services and will compromise your entire system. And if you are using the computer with admin rights, then in that case they will get the access and  can remotely control your entire system or they can remotely view what you are doing on your system and can destroy your privacy.

Currently the update has been released and can be download from Microsoft’s site or you can still wait for the automatic updates to install it and if you are on Windows 10, even then Internet Explorer is there and will recommend you to update it too. However, there are very less users who are currently using the Internet Explorer but those are still depending on it make sure to properly go through your system and scan it for your surety.

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