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By posted on April 22, 2014 8:58PM

A few weeks back we have got the HCL ME U1 Tablet and now, it’s time to review it.At that time we have unboxed and after playing with it a few weeks we have found all it’s goods and bads about the HCL ME U1 Tab.Well, this is the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and it is the first ever Android ICS running tablet from the company, so, without wasting anytime let’s start the review.

What’s in the Box:

  • HCL ME U1 Tablet
  • Black HCL ME U1 Tablet pouch
  • Headphones
  • Data cables
  • Charger
  • User Guide
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

That’s all the stuff you get in the box and also, watch the unboxing video below.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]PilJKMdz0eQ[/youtube]

Design, Screen Quality and Build:

HCL ME U1 Tablet is quite simple in design and the company has not make any special arrangements on this device.It is having a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display and it is 800 x 480 pixels in resolution.The screen is quite good, but it can get scratches too, the screen is not so bright and even at the low brightness the battery life decreases quickly and is not good.The touchscreen is all right but sometimes it go hang and reminds us that this is a cheap priced tablet.This device is 192.8 x 117.28 x 12.53 mm in dimensions and it weighs about 350gm, well, the weight is quite high and it’s a little difficult to hold the tablet in the hand.

There are no buttons present on this device and the bezel of this tablet sometime provides feeling of cheap quality and it is a sure thing that whenever this tablet falls from the hands, it is definitely going to break and there is no doubt about it, overall, the build quality is not satisfactory, but still the design is okay.The display is not smudge resistant and it is a fingerprint magnet too and thus, whenever you take the tablet with yourself you must need to take a cleaning cloth along with you.The display is not sharp and sometimes the texts look bad on this display.

Operating System, Processor,Gaming and Connectivity features:

HCL ME U1 is running on Android 4.0.3 Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and it is not going to get the Android 4.0.4 update and we should forget about the Android Jelly bean update  to this product as well, as the requirements do not match either.The User Interface of this device is quite good but there are three home screens only. Also, at the top of the homescreen there is a a Go To button and when rotated it works exactly like the go to system of the HTC and Samsung Android phones.

HCL ME U1 Tablet is having a good single core processor, but this device has got no use of it as the device sucks when it comes to gaming.There are may HD games and this device can hardly play some, most of the games do not even load completely and the games that do load completely get stacked. This device can access small games, but if you are a game lover then you should not pick up this tablet at any cost.The HCL ME U1 Tab do not have any Play Store but it do have the Me Slide Marketplace where there are different kind of apps are present, but only a few apps run well.Many a times we have seen this device hanging during the middle of the game and if you are playing an adventure game then you will face severe loss.

This tablet is having connectivity features like Wi-Fi, USB port, microUSB port and a 3.5mm AV jack as well.All the connectivity features work fine, but there is no Bluetooth.This device is also having some charging issues as when the power is low, it automatically gets switched off and it never start again until you gibe it 5 hours of charging, so, you can;t use your tablet for five hours and it’s pathetic for those who have bought this tablet for study purposes.Overall, this tablet is not impressive in this sector.

Camera and Speakers:

HCL ME U1 Tab comes with a front facing camera only and that’s too a VGA camera and there is no rear camera present on this device.The camera User interface is quite cool and we like it but the camera is very poor.Even the Chinese phones with VGA camera are better than this camera.This camera can take images very quickly, but more you zoom in more you find it getting blurry.The camera can shoot videos also, but what the use, nothing is clear and it looks like a video of 3GP quality or even worse than that, so, you can clearly estimate it’s camera power.

The speaker present on the back of this tablet is of good quality and if you are a music lover then you are going to like this tablet for sure.This tablet can play different kind of Audio and Video formats.Overall, this tablet is very poor in the camera segment but still it’s good with the speaker.

Keyboard and Web Browser:

HCL Me U1 Tablet is not having any SIM-card slot and you can’t even SMS with it but still the QWERTY keyboard is there as you can email anyone from this tablet.Anyway, have a look at the QWERTY keyboard below.

The QWERTY keyboard is quite big and it use the full screen which is a good thing, well, you can type in both portrait and landscape mode.The QWERTY keyboard is having some space between each key and if you are having big hands then you are not going to find any kind of trouble as this is meant for you, but if you are having small hands then you are going face some trouble, but if you are facing trouble then nothing to worry as you can type in the portrait mode also.Overall, this is tablet is having a good large QWERTY keyboard and there’s no issue.

HCL ME U1 Tablet is running on Android ICS and thus it has got the ICS Web Browser which is quite simple but powerful and likable too.The web browser works like the Google Chrome and yeah you can also get the Google Chrome Web Browser, of you know how to get it.Anyway, the web browser is a little slow and we have not seen it playing full flash contents at a good speed.Overall, the web browser is average and you can enjoy more by getting the Chrome web browser.


HCL ME U1 Tab comes pre-insatlled wit some good apps, but you have to download the most apps by yourself.This device is not good for security purposes and also, the battery life is very poor, you can only save the Android’s battery life by lowering the brightness and closing the running apps.This device get heated quickly and it also led effect on your device.Overall, after summing all sections we are giving this tablet a score of 2.75/5.It’s one of the latest and cheapest Android ICS in India, but you should think wisely before buying this tablet.So, there you go guys that was the complete review of HCL ME U1 tab, stay tuned for more reviews, for now just watch the review video below.

Video Review:

[youtube width=”630″ height=”360″]Ea42mmPW2h0[/youtube]

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