CES 2018: What to expect from year’s first mega event?

By posted on December 22, 2017 7:17PM
CES 2018

The year is coming to an end. The year 2017 was all about the larger displays and less bezels in the smartphone market. But, that was not all. Apart from these physical things, we have seen a major growth the Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. Well, Microsoft announced the MR this year, but these things are going to be large next year. Today, we are going to talk about CES 2018, which stands for Consumer Electronics Show. It is a mega event which happens every year in the month of January.

CES 2018 is going to start from January 9th and it will end on 12th of the same month. So, in the past we have seen major companies launching their smartphones there, but recently, it has been limited to technology and electronic products. As, the name suggests–Consumer Electronics Show, the CES 2018 will be all about the techs, chips, hardwares and softwares that are going to make consumers live easy.

So, what shall we expect from this upcoming event? Here is the complete wrap=up of everything that is expected to be there launched at the event. Some, are already announced, but still 90% things are still under the rumor coat.

What to expect from CES 2018?

AR, VR and MR:

Virtual Reality

The Augmented Reality has shown  major growth in 2017. This was the year, where everyone went gaga over the Pokemon Go game, which let players to do a lot of crazy things. Players wandered around to find Pokemons. That was the biggest hit in the AR field, but there is no stopping to it.

It looks like, AR is going to be much more bigger than we thought. Tech giants like Apple, Google everyone has released the AR Kits so that the application developers can develop the AR apps more and more. What is Augmented Reality? Well, like you are seeing through your phone camera an object that actually doesn’t exist at that place, but it looks like existing via this camera.

So, at CES 2018 we can get a lot of things from AR, VR and MR. In the image above you can see an example of Virtual Reality. It is a device which can be said as a medium which allows you to go beyond your imagination. It shows you things that doesn’t even exist and hence virtual. But, you can play games, you can watch movies and you can be all by your self at this moment of time.

The Mixed Reality was introduced in 1992, but Microsoft took this year of Mixed Reality showcase with it’s Holo Lens. So, what is Mixed Reality? Well, it combines the virtual world with the real world. Are you confused? So, what is the difference between AR and MR then? MR allows you to create the objects yourself which is the key difference. At this time, HoloLens is the only MR device present around, but we can expect to see a lot more in this year.

So, at CES 2018 we can see a lot of talks about AR,VR and MR.


At CES 2018, we are not going to see a lot of smartphones, because most of the companies are looking forward to Mobile World Congress, where they can announce and launch a lot of new mobiles and tablets. But, this year at CES 2018, we can see a few smartphones. Well, all the eyes are on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ as a lot of rumors are forming recently, which are suggesting about it’s cameo.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched at the Unpacked Event, which was hosted by Samsung specially for it’s product, but this time we can see some different works. Also, a few days ago Samsung Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+ is announced. So, it is quite possible that we can see these products at CES 2018.

According to the rumors, Huawei’s sub-brand Honor is also planning to come up with a smartphone there. But, it can just be a rumor. Also, eyes are on LG who are known for their phones at CES. Anyway, that will be all for the smartphones at this mega-event.

Chips and Processors at CES 2018:

Mediatek vs Qualcomm

This year, we can see a lot of announcements from Intel, Qualcomm and AMD. Also, NVIDIA is going to be there who announce their chips and other products there. Also, Qualcomm can announce the processors and chips that will be featured in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+. These processors are going to give competitions to Apple’s A11 Bionic Chip.

Intel is also going to be there to announce their computer chips and we can also expect smartwatch chips and other devices from these chip producing companies as well.

Other Consumer Electronics:

LG 4K OLED TV 2015

LG has already announced it’s 5K Monitor which will be showcased at CES 2018. Well, in this segment we are going to talk about the Laptops, Tablets, Monitors, All in Ones etc. Here in this segment, Dell, HP, Toshiba, LG are going to launch a lot of laptops and all in ones for sure. We will see some home innovation products like Washing Machine and others.

Also, CES 2018 will witness some robots which are going to make our lives more easy and we can see some speakers, headphones and other future stuffs which may debut for the first time at CES. We are also expecting that the companies like Airtel and other connectivity companies will speak on 5G.

Recently, 5G hardware features have been announced so 2018 can be the year of 5G as well. So, we have to keep the connectivity in the mind as well. We will also see the Car technology arriving at CES 2018, also companies like Google, Ford, Toyota are going to be there so we can expect a lot more from this event. Not to forget, Sony is going to be there to so we can hear a lot about TVs, Speakers and headphones.

So, these are all expected products and categories which are going to come up at CES 2018 eventually. So, do stay tuned with us for future updates.


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