Brother DCP-T500W Printer Review

By posted on August 2, 2015 10:32PM

A few weeks ago, Brother announced it’s latest range of products and this is a company, which is specially known for it’s quality based printers. The company has announced the new Brother DCP T-300W, Brother DCP-T500W and Brother DCP-T700W. These three printers are latest in class from the company. When it comes to printer, Brother is always named and the company has worked really hard on it’s products to reach this stage. But, today’s question is whether the Brother DCP-T500W is good for purchase or not?


This is not only a printer it is a multipurpose all-in-one machine which can be used for Printing, Scanning, Copying etc. This machine works very efficiently and the inkjet printer is capable of bringing colored print outs as well. So, let’s begin with the Brother DCP-T500W printer review. This will be a short review as compared to our other reviews. but it’ll help you as it is accurate and to the point.


The Brother DCP-T500W Printer Review Video is also attached below. So, first of all have a look what you are going to get inside the box. We have already done the Unboxing video of the same, hope it helps.

[youtube url=””]

Watched that? Now, it’s time for you to watch the quick setup video in which some instructions are given regarding this product.  So, do check out this video too.

[youtube url=””]

The Brother DCP-T500W is not a very big machine which is worth nothing, as it is small, sleek and saves a lot of space too. Before testing out this printer, we used a different one which was big, less functioning and absorbed a lot of space too and using that printer, we can not even place the laptop on the same table. But, those problems were vanished with this printer.


This printer saves a lot of space and one can easily carry it from one place to another. The printer comes with four colored bottles which are present in the box and the refill tank system present on the front is very unique. It was very helpful because the refilling is very easy and you need not to turn the machine around and do the ink filling.


The Brother DCP-T500W comes with a claim that it can print 27 pages per minute when it comes to mono printing and we have tested that feature out, and the fast mode was not that much worthy. It takes out slowly, the claim doesn’t meet, but still it provides some best print outs. The printed pages were of high quality and also, to use this printer easily you will need a driver CD in which you will find all the necessary softwares.


Once, the software is installed on your Windows, Mac or Linux device then you are good to go. You need to not to use the external buttons, and instead of those buttons, you can use the software to use your device to print, copy and scan. The scanning part was quite easy. If you need guidance, do let us know we can do a separate video for that as well.


For scanning, you need to life the face up and place the object on the glass in such a way that the side which needs to be scanned is facing the glass. Once, it’s done you can scan the thing by using the software. You can scan anything, it is not that 3D print which we are digging, but still we have scanned objects like CD, Pages, File Covers, Paintings and much more.;


The Brother DCP-T500W can scan in both mono mode and color mode and it scans very fine. Everything is crystal clear and we were very happy with it’s performance. The printer is capable of taking out 10 colored prints outs in a minute as said by the company, but it failed again in that test. Overall, if we skips those test we can see a very good machine.


The Brother DCP-T500W also supports Wi-Fi and you can find out specific application in the Google Play Store and App Store where you can find the apps and control this printer using your smartphones and tablets too. There is a USB port too and it comes with a lot of features. You can connect laptop via this USB port and USB cable.


The Brother DCP-T500W was a good machine and it fulfills all your need. It is priced at Rs.11,000 and it is available both online and offline. Overall, to sum up the Brother DCP-T500W Printer Review we can say that it is worth buying if we go by performance and not by claims. So, this printer is worth buying and if you are looking for a printer in this range, then it is not bad at all. Do check out the Image gallery and Brother DCP-T500W Printer Review video below.

Brother DCP-T500W Printer Review Video:

[youtube url=””]

Image Gallery:

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