Apple not interested in Touch friendly Macs

By posted on October 20, 2014 12:12PM
Apple MacBook Air

Apple has recently launched iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and also their iPads as well but the Cupertino giant is not interested in manufacturing touch friendly Macs. Craig Federighi told CNET that they are not going to produce touch enabled Macs in near future and it will take a lot of time and have to see if Apple changes its mind in future or not.According to Craig, they have played a lot with technologies and have seen that the users with touch screen laptops or desktops are not happy at all and not only that they remain in wrong posture and it is difficult for the consumers to constantly touch the screen from a distance. He said that Mac is sort of sit down experience. Not only that Apple thinks that trackpad is way much better than the touch screens since there trackpad supports various gestures and it helps the consumers to do whatever they like and their posture remains same.

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In 2012, Microsoft revealed their Windows 8 that supported touch screens as well and not only that Google’s Chrome OS also does the same. But in contradiction to that the Touch Screen PCs are not trending in the market. However, the sales are going up and we know that it will be the future.

Couple of months back we have heard that Apple is working on touch enabled Mac’s but it looks like that the rumors were wrong and hope that Apple will also launch their touch friendly Macs in future and we can see how creative Apple will be.

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