Apple iWatch production started before schedule

By posted on April 30, 2014 1:49PM
Apple Watch 2017

Cupertino based Giant, Apple has been working on their upcoming iWatch and the rumors were in the air for couple of months. And now a new report from China Times reveals that the iWatch production has been started before the schedule and the folks at Apple are very much sure about the success of their upcoming Smartwatch.

Apple’s WWDC 2014 is going to be held in June and we can surely expect a shot demo of the iWatch over there. Beside that, the report adds that after the September launch, Apple will ship 3 million units and the count will rise to 14-15 million by the end of 3rd Quarter. We have also heard that Nike’s Ben Shaffer is working with Apple on this project. After Nike’s Fuel Band , Apple may add similar features to their iWatch. Earlier there were reports that Apple has ordered to start 65 million iWatch production. Beside that Nike CEO said:

[blockquote cite=”Mark Parker, Nike CEO “]I will just say the relationship between Nike and Apple will continue, and I am personally, as we all are at Nike, very excited about what’s to come.[/blockquote]
Regarding the specs of the Smartwatch, it will have flexible AMOLED display and Apple will launch these devices in 2 variants with different screen size that would be 1.3-inch and 1.5-inch. Apple’s iWatch will also take care of your health and certain sensors are added to it to calculate your heart rate and motion.

Report from China Times also claim that there would be DRAM and Flash memory. Last month, we have also seen the iOS 8 rumors surfacing around the web. A lot is expected from Apple’s iWatch and before Apple there are a lot of companies who have sold their Smartwatches and it would be really interesting to see that whether Apple will be able to dominate the smartphone market with their iWatch.

We will surely get our answers in the future. But what do you think about Apple’s iWatch Smartwatch concept? Do let us know in the comments below.

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