Apple iPhone X launched: Price, Features are here

By posted on September 13, 2017 11:51PM
Apple iPhone X

The cupertino tech giant is live at Apple Park, and they are revealing a lot of products. They have already announced the Apple iPhone 8, Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K. Apple iPhone 8 is coming with the infinity displays and the glasses are there on the front and the back.

Apple announced the super retina display as well. A 5.8-inch display is here. The Apple iPhone X uses the OLED display, they are better than the traditional OLED and the super retina display overcomes with the HDR display. They support Dolby Vision and HDR10. The smartphone supports 3D touch.

So finally, a new 10the gen Apple iPhone for everyone. So, how can we wake up the Apple iPhone X? Just tap on the screen and it will wake up. The display on the Apple iPhone X is edge to edge and now, there i snot home button.

So, Apple iPhone X comes with swiping bottom to up feature.

The Apple iPhone X looks cool man, and the device is coming with 458ppi. The fluid gestures are here for multi tasking and it is going to give a good competition to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The side button is made larger to talk to sir, but what about unlocking the Apple iPhone X?

iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone X is coming with a great feature here. Apple Face ID is introduced today and they are protecting apps and everything with the TrueDepth camera system. there is a Infrared camera, Flood illluminator, Front camera, Dot projector and everything is there. The Apple iPhone X will work in dark as well.

The Apple iPhone 10 supports the A11 bionic neural engine. So, what is neural engine right? It will help the users to learn the algorithms and we are stepping into the future. The neural engine comes with very good projections, we can follow the on screen directions adn we have to do it for once and Face ID will recognize our face and it will recognize in different hair styles.

Everyting is done on iPhone X and there is nothing sent to the server.

How do we compare it with Touch ID?

So, 1 in 50000 people can unlock your touch id and now, with Face ID the ratio jumps to 1 in a million. So, the statistics are good. But, what about twins?

Well, they have the twins as well. Face ID will work with 3rd part apps and it will be connected with Apple Pay as well. People will love Apple iPhone X. And, here Apple is introducing the Aniemoji. So, they are going to trace your faces.

What are aniemojis?

Aniemojis are the animated emojis and we are looking at some good stuff here, with Craig. This is the dream, and Apple is coming with a good thing here in 2017. Unlocking now needs to look at it. The expansive display looks good, but what is going to be price of this bad boy?

Apple iPhone X comes with dual 12MP camera, and larger, faster sensors are here. The smartphone comes with Dual optical image stabilization. So, it will be better in low light. The Quad-LED true tone flash is here now. The pictures are looking amazing from this camera, but we will test everything for you.

The low light images from Telephoto camera on the iPhone 10 looks good. Apple iPhone X comes with a lot of good features and we can say that it is a 2017 phone and not an outdated phone. AR games are going to be the future and a lot of Apps are coming.

Apple TrueDepth camera features:

The Apple iPhone X comes with TrueDepth camera and it supports portrait lighting. The selfies are looking amazing, but the A11 bionice is a master piece.

The 64 bit, 6-core design Apple A11 processor is here. The brand new GUI is here. So, good for Apple right, but that is not all and the battery life of iPhone X lasts 2 hours more than the Apple iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone X will support wireless charging and the smartphone is already running on the iOS 11. Apple will focus a lot more on wireless chargers in the future and Apple iPhone X is the proof.

The Cupertino giant introduced the AirPower and it will come next year. So, that is the iPhone X and a lot of new features are here. The smartphone will be available very soon and this baby will sell itself from shelves,

A single swipe will take you to the homescreen. It is water resistant and Apple will show it’s price in a short time. Apple will launch this phone in India very soon. The future of Apple will be bright with the Face ID. The neural engine looks promising.

Apple iPhone X is coming on November 3rd and it is a long time and it will start from $999. Pre-orders are open from September, 27th.

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