Apple iPhone 6S(2015): What to expect?

By posted on April 5, 2015 10:02PM
Apple iPhone 6S

The last year was pretty good for both Apple and it’s fans. The Apple fan boys have been asking for a redesign and they finally got it with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Well, both these devices were launched 6 months ago, so, it is the perfect time to discuss about the future iPhones. The iPhones have always created a bunch of hot rumors ahead of their launch and there are many questions which will be running in every consumers mind.

  1. What will be it’s name? iPhone 6S or iPhone 7?
  2. What will be the new features?
  3. When Apple iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 will be launched?
  4. What about camera? Upgrades?
  5. Along with iPhone 6S there will be iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 6C?

In this post, consumers will definitely get some early idea about the upcoming device. There are many other questions in the bank which will be answered too. So, let’s see what to expect from the Apple iPhone 6S/7.

Apple iPhone 6 ReviewName War:

The Cupertino tech giant has been following a trend since last 6 years. Well, Apple launch the original iPhone with it’s generation name and then, in the next year we are going to see a ‘S’ integration with it’s name. So, this has became a trend for the company like they launched iPhone 4 then 4S, 5 then 5S. If they are going to follow this trend then, this year the consumers are going to see the Apple iPhone 6S. The iPhone 7 will be showcased in 2016.

The company also gives the ‘S’ name to those phones who doesn’t see huge changes. So, if the Cupertino tech giant makes a lot of change then they are going to name it as iPhone 7 and if not then, then iPhone 6S. There are also rumors which state that the Cupertino tech giant want to dump the ‘S’ name for some reasons, but at this moment we are not sure about it. The rumors of iPhone 6S Plus are also coming from an another end and it is quite difficult to tell which rumor is true at this moment. So, we have to wait and time will let us know. Therefore, for now we are going to name it as the iPhone 6S(following Apple’s trend).

Redesign Expectations:

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have made the consumers thrilled with the new design. So, shall the consumers expect any redesign in the iPhone 6S? The answer is no. According to sources, there will be no redesign in the iPhone 6S. It will look similar to the iPhone 6. Thus, the handset will come with the same 4.7-inch Retina HD display and there may be no noticeable change.

Apple iPhone 6 UnboxingSapphire Glass:

The Apple iWatch is launched with the Sapphire glass and the iPhone 6 was also surrounded by the Sapphire Glass rumors, but there was no sapphire glass. So, shall the consumers expect iPhone 6S coming with Sapphire Glass. Well, at this moment the answer is no. The company which produces Sapphire Glass for Apple is already burdened and they are going to close two plants very soon. Also, the company has stated that they do not want to keep an ongoing relationship with the Cupertino tech giant. So, the sapphire glass can be missing in iPhone 6S and also, the company has not made any new deal with a Sapphire Glass producing company. Thus, the lights are dim at this moment.


The Apple iPhone 5 pleased the users with an 8-Megapixel camera but it didn’t with iPhone 6. The consumers want more and thus, we can see a huge change in the iPhone 6S camera. Well, the rumors are saying that iPhone 6S will come with dual lens which will allows users to capture DSLR quality images. On the other hand, Apple Insider have dumped these rumors as this will lead to a total redesign and it makes sense. In the iPhone 6S we will not see any redesign so no one knows, but one thing is clear that the iPhone 6S might see a dual Lens system. These kinds of rumor are surely going to make the things hot for Apple.


Force Touch & Touch ID:

The Force Touch was witnessed in the iWatch for the first time. The iPhone 6 comes with the TouchID which means that it is going to scan the fingerprint of the owner if it’s matched then the device will unlock and if not then it will remain locked. So, the force touch is also an interesting topic. The force touch is going to make the device more secure. So, with the fingerprint it is also going to analyze the pressure which the consumers are going to put on. The newly launched MacBooks have also witnessed this feature and some of the Apple analysts are saying that they will introduce this feature in the next iPhones for sure. Also, the users can see some improvements in the TouchID as well.

OS and Processor:

The Apple iPhone 6 was launched with iOS 8 platform and according to Apple’s trend the iPhone 6S will be launched with the iOS 9. The iOS 9 is going to be pretty cools as it will also bring some changes and the things will get much better. The year 2015 is witnessing the new 64-bit processors and thus, the iPhone 6S is expected to come with the new Apple A9 processor manufactured by the Korean tech giant. The rumors said that the iPhone 6 will come with 2GB of RAM and it did not so, the chances are very low for iPhone 6S as well. The handset will come with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options, but the consumers are expecting the drop of 16GB variant. So, at this moment we think that the consumers might not end up with their expectations.

A Quick-Recap:

  1. The next gen iPhone will be possibly called as iPhone 6S.
  2. New features will include a better camera and processor. Better TouchID and Force Touch is expected.
  3. The Apple iPhone 6S will be launched in September.
  4. The camera will see some improvements, but there’s doubt about dual Lens.
  5. Along with iPhone 6 users can see iPhone 6S Plus. There are no details about iPhone 6C.

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Bottom Line:

The Apple iPhone 6 was a great and successful device. So, users are having a lot of expectation from the upcoming handset as well. The iPhone 6S will see no redesign, but it will eventually see a lot of new features added in it. The iPhones are always launched in September month, so, we can see the iPhone 6S unveiled in the end of September, So, do stay tuned and come back later as we are going to update this post in the future.

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