Apple iPhone 6 Review: Better than Bigger?

By posted on November 1, 2014 7:39PM
Apple iPhone 6 Review

The smartphone world is getting cozy with launch of a lot of phones and still companies are dominating with each other to get at the top. This year, Apple turned the complete scenario with two iPhones. Apple launched the iPhone 6 and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. These devices are sold like hot cakes in many countries. The Cupertino tech giant launched the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus in India on October, 17th and we saw a good rush there. The Apple iPhone 6 Plus was like out of stock with in a week as of it’s low production and the iPhone 6 also got vanished. The official Apple retailers are pre-booking the iPhones for Rs. 5,000/- giving no time frame in which they will receive one. Today, we are going to give you the Apple iPhone 6 Review. 

The Apple iPhone 6 Unboxing has been done a few days back and on first impressions, the device was felt quite solid and you can watch the Unboxing video below.

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The Apple iPhone 6 is a high end device but is it good enough, to give you and your mind the complete satisfaction to redeem your fulfilled choices? Let’s find out in the full review of this handset.

Apple iPhone 6 Unboxing


Design, Display, Touchscreen and Hardware:


Apple iPhone 6 is having a very attractive design which having circular edges at the four corners and finally, and it is the first time Apple gave a major redesign to it’s smartphone.It looks quite better than the Apple iPhone 5S. There are two lines which run on the back panel of the iPhone 6 and it reminds us about the HTC One M7 which we saw last year. This handset gives premium feeling to the users and we are sure that you will be able to say that you have spent a good amount of money on a right device


“The Hadware Got Entirely Changed


The Apple iPhone 6 is having a nice graceful design. There is no doubt that it is a good smartphone, but still the looks also matter in this race. But for your own use you can have your own mind and selection criteria. It is quite easy to hold this big phone in the hand. On the back panel there is the aluminium finish and it feels quite good in our hands. It is a solid device and it is big, but still we are comfortable with it.Apple iPhone 6The Apple iPhone 6 is having a 4.7-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display which is the Retina HD display and it offers a screen resolution of 1334  x 750 pixels. So, finally Apple has released a phone having a HD display. The front side of this device is having a front facing camera which can take some amazing selfies, ear piece is there along with some sensors. At the bottom end, the Touch ID is there which is going to make your smartphone much more safer than ever.

The Apple iPhone 6 is  having microUSB port, 3.5mm AV jack, Noise cancellation port and speaker grills at the bottom. On he right hand side, there is the power button and the SIM card tray. On the top, there is nothing it is bald. On the left hand side there are volume rockers along with a button which can switch you between General and Silent mode.


“The Design Of This Phone Is Awesome, As It’s Different


Yes! The display can be broken but the touchscreen and the inner part will be safe. We have not done the drop test of this device, but we think that this phone can handle damages to some extent as well.This is a IPS LCD HD display and honestly the brightness level of this phone is quite good, also, iOS is there on the top so it is better to lower your brightness a little bit to get some extra battery hours.

The Apple iPhone 6 is 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm in dimensions and the device is 6.9mm thin. It is quite thin as compared to the Apple iPhone 5S and it is one of the thinnest phone out there. The display gives a pixel density of 326ppi which is just the same as of the Apple iPhone 5S. This is a negative factor as the iPhone 6 is having a bigger screen as compared to the iPone 5S and thus, the pixel density should have been more. The smartphone weighs about 129g and it feels quite light and it is quite easy to carry in the pockets.

Anyway, this phone is having a great touch sensitivity and the touchscreen doesn’t lag anywhere which is going to make many of you guys happy. So, overall this phone is quite good in the terms of hardware, design and display and you can see our ratings above and also hover on the other side to share your ratings too.

OS, Messaging and Connectivity Features:

The Apple iPhone 6 is having one of the best platforms as it is running on the iOS 8 operating system. It is the biggest rival of Android operating system and it has left the Windows platform quite behind. In every keynote Apple shows us the good side of the platform and how many users have got the latest update running on their smartphone as compared to the Android phones.



“The OS Is Fast, To Receive Future Updates


On the software front , there is a lot of problems. Well, the iPhone 6 was launched with the iOS 8.0.2 and after the release Apple support page got flooded with the questions. There were Wi-Fi problems and Bluetooth related problems. Later on, iOS 8.1 was released and still some problems are there.4

Overall, with it you can quickly find and edit the photos you take. Add your voice right in a text message. Let your health and fitness apps communicate with each other, with your trainer, and even with your doctor. We’ve also provided developers with deeper access and more tools. You’ll have new keyboard options and even more ways to share your content. And you’ll be able to use iCloud and Touch ID in ways you never have before. Here are some of the things iOS 8 can do for you so you can do more than ever.iPhone 6 2The iOS 8 has got some new features. When you say “Hey Siri”, the voice application developed by the Cupertino tech giant comes and it assists you. The notification panel is much more improved as there are two sections now. The first section allows you to see your running widgets. It is also a good thing that Apple gave allowance to the third party applications and we are very happy to run the third party widgets. The other part reads notifications and it notifies you about the unread messages whether it’s a SMS or on Whatsapp. The other alerts come from your social networking sites. Also, you can get notifications about your upcoming events.

Camera and Processor:

Apple-iPhone-6The Apple iPhone 6 is equipped with an 8-Megapixel iSight camera which is capable of shooting 1080p HD videos at 60fps. It now allows you to shoot slow motion videos in 240fps. The camera interface is still the same, but the led flash is there and it is a dua tone flash. As compared to the Apple iPhone 5S’s camera it captures same images but there is a huge different when you click and image in the night mode as the HDR mode turns it self on and therefore, it makes you able to capture good quality images.

10The Apple iPhone 6 comes with a protruding camera and thus, the camera is present out of the body. The issue is that when you place it on the back panel then it can shake if you will place your fingers on the left or right hand side of the screen. The front facing camera can take some amazing selfies and you can find out more in the video below and see some live images in the video as well.


iPhone 6 3The Apple iPhone 6 came with a problem named #Bendgate. Well, it was like hell for the company and the rumors were started when a person placed the phone in back and it got bent. In US, out of 1000 consumers 9 people find this issue and Apple immediately replaced their models. Well, we will like to say that it can bend. We have seen a video and we saw the phone bending in that video.

The first opinion is that do not try to bend your phone and do not place the phone in your back pocket. It is okay to place the the phone in your side pockets in your pants. The people are also complaining that the lines present on the back are getting the stained. The iPhone 6 is not going to bend and no one here in the world is fool to bend the device by bare hands. If it bends, then you can replace it, but get rid off the fear.

iPhone 6 1The Apple iPhone 6 is thin and the people on the internet made a huge baloney regarding bendgate while the real thing is quite different from the rumors. We have not done the bend test as we know about the result, but we have placed the phone in our jeans and even tight pants and there was nothing called bendgate. So, it is safe to buy the Apple iPhone 6.



The Apple iPhone 6 is having a good processor and thus, you can do very well in multi-tasking and also play a lot of games on it. The speakers are fantastic and are much more better than that of iPhone 5S’s speaker. The battery is the issue as the battery life of this device is not so good as compared to the other phones. The device is available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models and you can surely get one of them now. There is no external storage and Apple has their iCloud service providing you more storage.  Teh call quality of this device is also nice and the screen is not a finger print magnet.




The Apple iPhone 6 is a good smartphone and it is priced so high. It is available in India for Rs. 53,500/-. Well, if we see other smartphones in this price range then we can surely find that the other phones are quite better in specifications, but still the Apple fan boys are not going to shift to Android and it’s Apple about which we are talking about. India is witnessing a lot of attention from Apple and the phones are selling like hot cakes. So, definitely the people of India have craze for iPhone. The camera is not having the OIS smart stabilization and the device is not a rugged device. Still, the device will give you a premium feeling. So, it is worth buying.  Check out the video and Image Galley below.

Video Review:

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Image Gallery:

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