Airtel 4G LTE experience in Kolkata: Review

By posted on April 22, 2014 6:48PM

A couple of weeks avo Bharti Airtel has launched the 4G LTE services in Kolkata.Airtel and Nokia Siemens has shaked their hands for the LTE services, but in Kolkata ZTE is taking control of Airtel 4G LTE services and is managing 4G services.Anyway, last week I’ve got a chance to visit Kolkata and tgere I’ve thought why not to use the 4G LTE services? Then, what I’ve visited the Airtel store and bought the Airtel 4G LTE USB modem and started the action.I’ve connected it to my laptop and as soon as I started to open the websites, I found it’s very fast.Faster than Broadband,3G and everything(includes Cheetah also),it was just like a new and amazing experience for me.Airtel currently offers three data plans,first one is breakfree and this plan gives you 6GB of usage and you have to pay Rs.999 to get this plan.Second is breakfree max plan which offers 9GB of usage at Rs. 1,399 and the last one is breakfree ultra plan which offers 18GB of usage and to get this plan you have to pay Rs. 1,999.All the plans are offering speed of 128kbps. I’ve checked and found that in mid-Kolkata we get a download speed of nearly 87mbps and 32.3mbps upload speed.If we move to the south Kolkata we get 83.23mbps and 31.98mbps download and upload speed respectively.I’ve tried th 4G services in both these parts of Kolkata and found a little difference.Anyway, Bharti Airetl has promised the download speed and upload speed of 100mbps and 40mbps and from that point of view, till this date the speed is good.I’ve also visited some villages and there I found low download and upload speed.In villages I got nearly 68mbps download speed and 24mbps of upload speed, hope that soon Airtel will bring more speed to village people also.Anyway, that’s not the end, I found no lag in Airtel promoting the 4G LTE services.Wherever you go in Kolkaa you will see two different kind of banners, one only gives 4G details and other one says “What Kolkata does today, India does tomorrow- Experience 4G services in Kolkata now”.We hope that soon we are going see 4G SIM cards and 4G phones in India.Overall, it was a good experience for me.Bengaluru,Pune and Chandigarh are the next cities which are going to get the Airtel 4G services.So, if you reside in Kolkata and still not enjoying the 4G sevices then you are just missing a very good oppurtunity.

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