6 Reasons Why Apple iPhone 6 is the biggest disappointment

By posted on September 10, 2014 11:36PM

All of us were waiting eagerly for iPhone and lot of Apple fans were already in the mode to pre-order the iPhone as soon as it goes live. With millions of eyes glued to the screen, Apple’s event was a complete disappointment. Not only the iPhone 6 and 6 plus that the company has launched but also the Apple Watch was disappointing too. Check out the 6 reasons :

Think Different:

The tagline which was created by Apple and was justified but from last couple of years we can see that they are loosing there tagline. As a smartphone manufacturer one needs to focus on all parts but what we saw new in iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus was there screen sizes were increased and since other vendors are also increasing the sizes, Apple thought that it would be best to have large screen iPhones so that they can meet the demands but except that there was nothing new except the hardware part since they do upgrade it each year.

Screen Rotation:

I really fell from the bed while watching this. If you have watched the event you may have noticed that the folks from Apple shown it to their audience that the iPhone could now be viewed in landscape mode also and we can’t find anything new in it and some other smartphones can do that too.

No 32GB:

Apple always had 32GB variants for their iPhones but not this time and they went for the 128GB version and discarded the 32GB. However they kept the price same but we can’t understand the point of discarding it since most of the people do think that 16GB is enough memory to store their data and games and all those stuffs.

Bigger than bigger:

Can’t understand their point. With whom they want to compare it. Possibly Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but even still then the features are not comparable and we can clearly say that the Note 4 is the clear winner and from when Apple need to depend on the big screens since people want new innovations and new features and there is nothing new.

Retina Display HD:

We do know that Apple likes to have their own term like the ‘i’ that they add before each of their devices. But in this era when smartphone companies are moving towards 4K display, Apple calls the 1080p as the Retina Display HD and the other smartphone companies who are providing better screen quality will beat iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in this segment.

No Wow Factor:

Apple is always know for the Wow factor. Since people do believe int he companies capability and do know that they will come out with the best ever thing. But we can’t find the Wow factor yesterday in both the iPhones. When WWDC 2013 happened people cheered for the iOS 7 since it was completely different and new and did contained the wow factor but nothing this time.

In total Apple really missed a lot of thing and even they took extra time to manufacture the device but we can’t find any factors for which Apple is known. Just increasing the screen size will satisfy customer demands and not meet their requirements and expectations. We do know that Apple fan boys will say that its the best thing ever but what we request is that no lie to yourself. We do hope that Apple will launch something extremely new in 2015 and if they failed the company may face the condition that Nokia currently has.

People out side India will get the devices at lower price but if you are reader from India and still want to have this device then do take a look at Apple iPhone 6’s price and release date in India .

[signoff icon=”alert”]The author just revealed the disappointment and didn’t violated anything. This post in no means to offend anyone. Do take it lightly and your thinking can be different and there is nothing wrong in it.[/signoff]

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