5 reasons not to buy Apple iPhone 8

By posted on September 23, 2017 10:20PM
Apple iPhone 8

A week ago, Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X or iPhone 10 were introduced. Apple turned 10 this year, and thus they will be very happy for the last decade because of their success. Following that, the company just introduced three new iPhones this year. In this post, we are going to talk about the iPhone 8 only and why it is going to be a big mistake? There are 5 reasons to not make a move on this smartphone. 

Here, we are coming to the point directly without wasting any time.

1. Same Design:

Apple iPhone 6

Firstly, I am also an Apple smartphone owner and things coming this from my mouth are not so flattering. But, same design. Apple, really? Every year, people will wait eagerly for the iPhone and it has became a trend for Apple like they launched the iPhone 6. People loved it and everyone wanted to purchase that ditching, Galaxy S6 and LG G4 which were hot shots at that time.

Apple iPhone 8 is carrying that exact same design, and after iPhone 7 there is no return of headphone jack, which people were complaining about. So, Apple iPhone 8 and this phone the–iPhone 6–in the image above, looks identical from front, but now there is a glass on the front and the back end which is making difference, but overall no change in design.

2. Same Camera:

Apple iPhone 8 Now, here is nothing to argue about Apple iPhone 8 is coming with the same camera as of the iPhone 7, but there are some improvements, but nothing like an extraordinary feature. Yes, the processor is better now and people can do a lot with the AR Kit now, but still that is too way in the future where AR will be everything. In terms of local thing, no big update.

3. No Face ID:

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6Apple is at the top, there is no denying that but I do not understand why they are always late on the updates, like there are smartphones with deca-core now and Apple is still on the hexa-core. It do not hang that is a good point, but we need upgrades. Also, it is a next gen phone it should have arrived with Face ID. A touch id was for iPhone 6, iPhone 7, but when you are launching Apple iPhone X with Face ID, can’t you launch the Apple iPhone 8 with Face ID?

4. Overpriced

Apple is all about money, you have it you get it. It is not for average people with low salaries. Apple has started manufacturing phones in India, but still they will be launching it at around 60K. This things need to be changed, why will people buy the iPhone 8 with this price tag, where there is nothing new apart from a few things. So, same story low space more price and no expandable storage.

5. Apple iPhone 8 new specs worthy or not?

Apple iPhone 8 is coming with new specs like complete water resistance, fast charging, glass front and back. The new A11 Bionic chip. So, are these features worth buying for?

The answer is no, when Samsung Galaxy S8 is there with better of everything and it includes many more features as well, why will people buy and it is more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S8.

So, we do not recommend you buying this, there is no infinity display and most of the things are same as iPhone 7. If you are an Apple fanboy, wait for Apple iPhone X, that will be too expensive, but that is what we should call an upgrade.

The Apple iPhone 8 and the plus model are out there now and you can buy them now, but it is all up to you we have provided the 5 reasons that you should consider first and if you want to upgrade from iPhone 5 or 4 then, it will be good for you. But, Apple iPhone X is going to be available in 2 months and it will be one of the hottest selling cakes of this year.

So, have we changed your mind? Leave your comments below and any questions you have in your mind.

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