Gadgetgyaan was founded on July 28, 2011 with a mission to provide information regarding all the consumer electronics and provide the review of the products being sent by the company and demanded by you. For all our readers living outside India, let us tell you that Gyaan means Knowledge. Gadgetgyaan is being made by three members of the herds and are currently Undergrads. On December 2, 2010 the domain name was decided and it took us 6 more months to develop the site and make it running. The Dream was developed when the creators were in School in X Class. The Gadgetgyaan team consist of the following members:


Kinshuk Lahiri: Kinshuk aka Ron is the Editor-in-Chief at Gadgetgyaan.He writes articles regarding various consumer electronics, games and automobiles. While you see his content on the front end, this man is also responsible for the maintaining the Back end activities. From server to site speed, everything is being managed by him. Kaustabh: Kaustabh aka Rob is the Senior Editor. He is well renowned for his YouTube videos. His area of focus are Mobiles and Tablets. Most of the review are being written by him. All the Press Release, media contact, videos are maintained by Rob. Dipankar: Dipankar remains on the back end most of the time and thinks for the contents out of the box. His Guides are appreciated by a large number of Readers. His areas of focus are Graphics, Design and Guides. But expect these three, there are others because of which Gadgetgyaan Keeps moving. Take a look at our Team Members. With a small dream and our hard-work it came into existence. Our mission is clear and we are getting  extreme support from our readers which boosts our team members. So keep us supporting like that. We look forward to bring more enhancement and traffic to this site.

Gadgetgyaan Team