Microsoft rebrands Nokia’s apps to Lumia Apps

By posted on November 4, 2014 8:42PM
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft bought Nokia and the whole universe witnessed it and the final deal has been closed and slowly we can see that Microsoft is removing the Nokia name from the brand and changing it with their Microsoft Lumia names. All the apps whose name started with Nokia are now replaced with Lumia.

Today Microsoft changed the Nokia camera app’s name to Lumia Camera and re-uploaded it to the Windows Store. Still there are a lot of Nokia divisions that are still named Nokia and Microsoft will re-name them as well. Lot of people are excited about it and some are disappointed that the name Nokia is gone and there are very less chance that it will fare up any time soon, not before 10 years at least.

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However there are rumors that the un-acquired division of Nokia making Android smartphones secretly and will launch it next year and it do creates a new light of hope. Anyway, one day Microsoft will remove Nokia and will completely re-brand it as Microsoft Lumia. Still then do stay tuned for latest headlines and technology news.

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