Apple’s security measure reduced smartphone thefts

By posted on December 7, 2014 1:48PM
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The smartphone world has saw huge and huge changes over the year, but for a past few years the security of the smartphones has been a very big issue as a few years back, we saw so many thefts happening all around us and today, we all are thankful to the Cupertino tech giant. Apple reduced smartphone thefts and this reported by FCC. All the credit goes to the Activation lock feature which was firstly introduced by the company with the iOS 7. This is a pretty amazing feature which you are currently seeing in your iPhones.

The FCC has reported a drastic drop in the stealing of phones and with help of this feature we have seen a drop of 38% in San Francisco, 24% in London and 19% in New York.

This is a positive sign towards smartphone’s security. The above report come with in six months so quite a drastic change and all the credit goes to Apple. The FCC also says that the people should be aware of their surrounding and also apart from that you should also put down your phone’s IMEI number somewhere in a safe place. The company also said that you should take the smartphone theft seriously like your credit card has been stolen.

The activation lock feature doesn’t allow anyone to disable the feature Find My iPhone and it is a good application to recover your iPhone’s location. If the thief tries to remove this app then it will ask for a password and if it’s not correct your iPhone will be locked down.

The FCC also says that the users should download the security applications and if such a crime is done the victim should immediately report. So, this is basically what you can do and the reports are coming fine regarding the thefts. So, that is all for now do stay tuned while we cover more regarding this.

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