Apple TV 4K 2017 launched at Steve Jobs theater, features here

By posted on September 12, 2017 11:23PM
Apple TV 4K

Apple is live from Steve Jobs theater and the Cupertino tech giant has announced the new Apple TV 4K. Well, this is thing and we are transforming everything from a SIM to a TV. So, why not 4K for Apple TV’s right? So, Tim and his team has done it and they have just announced the new Apple TV. As you guys already know, itis already supporting 4K now and siri is there to help you in a better manner.

Apple TV 4K playing quality looks good and they are using the same iPad 4 Processor Apple 10 fusion processor and the graphics performance are 4 time faster. The TV operating system is also good.

Everything is there now in HD and everything in iTunes now. So, if you buy HD they will give you free 4K upgradation.

Amazon Prime with 4K videos are also coming to the Apple TV. They are announcing this in Canada and Australia. The customers are going to be thrilled as they can use local services and Apple TV 4K will support Live sports, so it will help you in watching everything and the TV App will support live news as well.

Now, Apple TV 4K will come with the notifications and the seasons will be changing everything.

The new TV app is going to be available on iPhone and iPad. So, you can play songs from Apple Music and Appke TV 4K will be connected to phones and App Store is there and you can play games on this TV as well.

Everything looks good, and the Apple TV 4K looks promising. The games are going to be a bigger thing in the future and they are showcasing a romantic social adventure game ‘Sky’ here at the live event.

But, the story is not over after the new TV, we are looking forward to the dessert and it is the new iPhone. Stay tuned, as we are updating this section in a short while with new pictures.

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